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The salesforce platform is the most versatile and sophisticared customer centric CRM system in the world

Connect with your customers anytime, anywhere and on any device?

Collaborate across all touchpoints at any time.

Communicate on the go with our salesforce mobile solutions.

Our services

  • Analytics

    We unlock the power of Einstein (the Artificial Intelligence tool) made of advanced machine learning and predictive analytics.

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  • Consultancy

    With over 1200 successful deliveries and over 400 qualifications between our consultants there is no one better to assist you on your next project.

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  • Cross Cloud

    makepositive is a pure play Salesforce consultancy specialising in all Salesforce solutions, referred to as Salesforce Clouds.

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  • Integration

    We are highly experienced in connecting Salesforce to other systems your company may have, through either middleware or direct integration solutions.

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  • Quote to Cash

    With our dedicated Quote to Cash team and specialists we have one of the most developed Q2C teams in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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  • Sales Cloud

    Sell smarter and faster with the worlds #1 CRM solution.

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  • Service Cloud

    Support every customer. Anytime. Anywhere.

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  • Marketing Cloud

    The future of marketing is 1-to-1 customer journeys.

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  • Pardot

    Exceed your lead generation goals and empower your sales team

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  • Community Cloud

    Reimagine customer, partner and employee engagement.

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  • Wave Analytics

    Find answers, make decisions and take action with Wave Analytics

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  • App Cloud

    Build apps fast.
    Build business faster.

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  • Experience Design

    Bring your Salesforce Platform to life with user experience and user interface design.

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How we deliver success

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Our Products?

User experience design

Talk to us about user experience and user interface design to bring your Salesforce platform to life.

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