The newest Sales Cloud features from the Winter ’22 release!

The Salesforce Winter ’22 release has arrived! It’s that time when Admins & Developers get new features and functionality to play around with in the backend. In case you have not read the entire 546 pages of the Winter’22 release notes, we’ve got you covered! We combed through the release notes and highlighted the most exciting, interesting, and useful Sales Cloud features. 

Grab a cuppa and enjoy a few of our favourite Sales Cloud features from the latest release…

Core Sales:

Collaborative Forecasts

  1. Track Forecast Category Your Way: Now you have a 5th category called “Most Likely” which gives you more flexibility to reflect your business practices in Collaborative Forecasts. After the Most Likely category is added, it’s available as a pick list value in the Forecast Category field on opportunities. On the forecasts page in Lightning Experience, Most Likely appears between the Commit and Best Case categories. In Pipeline Inspection, Most Likely is now included as a standalone pipeline metric. It’s also included in the totals for other appropriate pipeline metrics. Sales users can also filter their pipelines by the Most Likely category.
  2. Bookmark your Forecasts: Sales Users can make forecasts easy to find by adding the forecasts page to their bookmarks or favourites along with other pages they often visit. For example, sales managers can bookmark a specific sales rep or territory’s forecast page for quick access by adding the forecasts page to the bookmarks or favourites in your browser.

High Velocity Sales 

Sales Cadences

  1. Find Out Which Email Templates and Call Scripts Perform Best with Variant Testing: Sales managers can use sales cadence steps to test different email templates or call scripts to see which is most effective with prospects. The sales cadence sends each email or displays each call script according to the proportions that managers choose when building the sales cadence.
  2. Send Sales Cadence Automated Emails as List Emails to Save Data: Sales cadence automated email steps now send the message as a list email. With this change your sales managers can send large batches of automated emails without accumulating unnecessary data that counts against your data limits. This change also allows more detailed email error reporting.

Additional Enhancements worth noting! 

Pipeline Inspection

  1. Hold Sales Reps Accountable for Updating Opportunity Next Steps: To help keep sales reps focused on moving opportunities forward, sales managers can now see when opportunity next steps aren’t updated. An indicator shows when the last update to the Next Step field was more than 7 days ago. Hovering on the Next Step field shows details on the last update.
  2. Save Time by Creating Custom Pipeline Views and Filters: Sales managers and reps can save their most frequently used pipeline views to avoid recreating them each time they visit Pipeline Inspection. For example, create custom filters for new business, teams, time periods, product types, and more.

To create pipeline view

  1. Use the List View Controls menu under the gear icon
  2. To create, clone, or delete pipeline views, add filters to view the opportunities that meet your filter criteria using the filter panel
  3. You can add time period and user filters. You can add even more criteria such as accounts, amounts, and record types.

3. See Which Deals Are Unlikely to Close This Month with Einstein Deal Insights – Einstein Deal Insights predicts when opportunities scheduled to close this month are unlikely to be won during the same month. With this new insight, sales managers and their teams can forecast more accurately and maintain more accurate pipelines. To get details about a prediction, hover over the opportunity close date field. 

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