The Chronicles of SidBot: Part 1

Hello World

Have you ever thought “I wish I could ask an expert? … I know I have. And so starts the tale of SidBot.

I was working on a complex project where some requirements were particularly difficult and some stretched into areas where coding was needed. Though I understand the big picture, I am not a developer. So I regularly found myself asking one of our very knowledgeable and talented technical architects, Sid Khoat, questions. And I wasn’t the only one.

One day at lunch a silly discussion emerged: “What if we could replicate Sid’s knowledge in a robot? That way we could always have expert help even when Sid was busy on projects or away from the office”.

The discussion seemed forgotten until I went on holiday to my home country, Denmark, the land of Lego. One night after dinner my Dad, an engineer, told me how he had decided to expand his knowledge on the coding language – python. The next thing I see is Dad putting a big box of Lego on the table in front of me that reads “Lego Mindstorms” featuring a robot on the cover. I spent the next two nights building his Lego Robot and became fascinated with the possibilities that I had to get my own, and so the idea of SidBot became a reality.

Back at work, many of my colleagues shared my fascination with SidBot, so one night after work more than 10 very talented technical consultants and implementation consultants along with some of our marketing team, joined together for the first time to build and programme SidBot. And so Sidbot was born. “Hello World!”.

The real Sid made sure that the framework was there to connect SidBot to the internet allowing us to build amazing things. SidBot is not (yet) Sid, but maybe one day SidBot could be the expert every Salesforce consultant needs. Let the journey begin…

SidBot is not a one man project, there is a whole team behind, I am amazed at all the talented people at makepositive. A special thank you to Nacho, Sid and Suraj for going the extra mile in having SidBot ready for world tour. But SidBot wouldn’t be a reality without the help of a team bringing their skills together. So a big shoutout to the team:

Aaron Clifford, Ali Zafar, Edward Coker, Gustavo Vidal, Jai Jordan, Julia Doctoroff, Julian Casson, Kim Hellbom, Lakshay Katney, Leon Short, Munis Quadri, Nacho Llorca, Nadio Granata, Nikhil Sachdeva, Pablo Oliva, Prateek Gandhi, Pratyk Jain, Sid Khoat, Stephanie Stylianou, Suraj Gupta, Younnis Abbad-andaloussi

Note: Meet SidBot at our stand at the Salesforce World Tour and enter the competition to win your own Lego Mindstorm set

Rikke Hovgaard is a makepositive certified Salesforce consultant. Rikke is an expert in helping businesses get the most out of the application whether it being Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Analytic Cloud or a combination of those. Click here to read more of Rikke’s blogs.

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