Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Pardot

Exceed your lead generation goals and empower your sales team

We’re helping businesses like yours transform their marketing and sales functions to deliver increased ROI and customer success through Marketing Cloud and Pardot. Part of this provision includes consultancy to identify “best practice” implementation in the context of your business.

Our Approach

Whilst we use a tried and tested approach to identifying the best method to implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we also tailor the application of each solution to support the exact requirements of your business. Starting with a standard ‘build’ we then adjust depending on your needs, delivering a return on investment as quickly as possible and allowing incremental value to be released through the platform as your business grows.

Pardot is the leading B2B marketing automation tool from Salesforce. Pardot generates high quality leads, creates personalised and targeted emails, accelerates sales pipeline with nurturing and qualification and calculates a true ROI of your marketing efforts.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a sophisticated multi-channel marketing automation platform for businesses of all sizes, using data from any source to drive marketing automation logic to engage and serve prospects and customers in a highly targeted way. There are a range of communication channels to reach your customer wherever they are in the digital world (email, SMS/MMS, Mobile App notifications and Digital Advertising).

Having a centralised multi-channel approach and a seamless integration with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, means that there is one database of records and the ability to monitor performance in one place. By automating these processes, it ultimately reduces costs, minimises mistakes and provides a more professional brand experience.

Our credentials

We recognise that with Marketing Cloud it takes more than just a quality implementation to achieve marketing success – it also takes enablement, support and documentation.

We have over 13 years of Salesforce Marketing Cloud experience, delivering a vast range of solutions. With the complexities of Marketing Cloud, this experience of what works coupled with a wealth of product knowledge and developer insight can be a difficult combination to find in this industry, yet, it’s vital to ensure ROI from your investment in Salesforce.

Contact us to discuss your Marketing automation requirements and start building a solid foundation for success!

Some of the key Marketing Cloud modules and activities we can help with

1.Customer Journey Creation in Journey Builder

2.API Integration consulting services

3.Mobile Push & Connect Configuration

4.Advertising Studio set up

5.Predictive Intelligence Module Configuration

6.Social Studio Account Configuration

Case studies