What's included in Salesforce's Work.com?

Salesforce has launched Work.com and makepositive is here to explain what's included in this new suite of technology solutions and resources

What is Salesforce’s new suite of technology solutions and resources, Work.com?

Many businesses are getting ready to reopen this summer, bringing their employees back to their offices and resuming on-site operations. Figuring out how best to accomplish this can be both confusing and daunting for employers, employees and customers.

Salesforce has recognised that this process will likely be a challenging journey for many so they’ve created Work.com, a suite of products that can function as a guide, helping their customers navigate this new landscape.

So what exactly is Work.com?

Work.com is a suite of technology solutions and resources that aims to help Salesforce customers get back to business as usual while also helping to keep employees, customers, partners, and communities safe and informed during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.  Let’s breakdown what’s being offered within Work.com:

Work.com Command Center:  This offers you a single hub that provides a 360-degree view to assess your return-to-work readiness with vital data from your employees, customers, and locations.  It enables you to make data-driven decisions, take appropriate actions and communicate effectively.

Contact Tracing: Speed, privacy and safety were all top priorities when Salesforce designed this solution that can help protect the health of your organisation by manually tracing any potential contact with the virus or areas experiencing an outbreak.

Emergency Response Management: This suite of products designed for the public sector enables organisations to allocate resources and aid to where they are most needed.

Employee Wellness: This solution enables you to securely monitor your employees’ health and suitability to return to onsite work.  It offers custom surveys and assessments and securely stores any private health information on the platform.

Shift Management: This solutions enables you to coordinate your facilities and employee shift scheduling so you can regulate office density, maintain an environment that enables social distancing and avoid any inadvertent congregations of large groups in the workplace.

Workforce Reskilling:  This is myTrailhead for employees and will help your staff meet new business demands and new safety policies through its learning and wellness programs.

Volunteer and Grants Management: This scalable solution enables you to streamline the volunteer and grants management process allowing your organisation to optimise emergency responsiveness.

Rapid Crises Response: This solution allows you to stay connected to your employees and customers while making data-driven decisions with Salesforce Care, a suite of products designed to help businesses through this crisis with tools and support that is free for up to 90 days.

We will keep you updated as more information and details concerning these products becomes available.  The pricing will vary depending on the product, with Employee Wellness being included with Work.com Command Center and Command Center and Shift Management both offered as add ons to Platform Starter with introductory pricing of $5 per user per month.

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