My work experience week with makepositive … and the lessons I have learnt (Guest Blog)

Before coming to makepositive, I had absolutely no idea what Salesforce was or how makepositive was linked to Salesforce. To be honest, I expected this work experience week to be spent with people in suits working monotonously at desks …  but it’s actually been the complete opposite.

The atmosphere here is positive and everyone is always happy and hardworking. I’ve met a wide range of different characters and personalities from all over the world and I can happily say that the whole team is pretty cool. Having spent a week here, I have learnt a lot, not only about makepositive, but about Salesforce too and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I have had the opportunity to meet the different departments here and see what everyone does. Here are two of the key things I have learnt:

  1. I have learnt what the roles of all of the different team members are and gained an insight into the process of implementing salesforce for businesses. One of the most interesting sessions I have had in this week, was the Technical Consultant Overview with Nacho. It was cool to see the kind of languages used by a TC, and the similarities in the concepts used when compared to A-level computer science (which I am currently studying). I would have to say that due to my interest in computer science, this is probably my most favourite department in the company.
  2. I also had the chance to work with the marketing department, and learn about what they do to boost the company’s image. On top of this, I was tasked by Aaron, the digital marketer, with re-imagining the company logo. He was looking for some creative ideas on how to adapt the current logo so it’s still consistent with the brand, but can change (like google does) to represent different things going on at the company. I came up with a couple of designs. They’re not great, but I had no idea how to use photoshop, so a lot of googling was involved.

This week has been extremely beneficial to me, as it has  given me a great insight into Salesforce and the work done in an IT consultancy. I would say that this experience has changed my future decisions to some extent, as I was certain that I would be studying computer science at university, but I was not fully sure what I wanted to do after that. I am now thinking of following a path that would eventually lead to me becoming a Salesforce developer, based on my experience here at makepositive.


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