Redesign of the Provar Testing application UI

The Challenge

The UI redesign for Provar was born out of the wish to improve the interface and user experience for both first time and regular users, with the goal to eliminate the switching between Test Builder and Provar desktop for 90% of scenarios.

The main objective of the Experience Design [XD] team was to assess and analyse the current user interface [UI] of the Provar Test Builder Eclipse plug-in and to propose a redesign to update the interface, improve any accessibility issues and add edit/create functionality. The current lack of create/edit functionality caused the need for the user to have to switch between the desktop app and Test Builder plug-in multiple times to complete more complex functional tasks.

The solution

makepositive had a number of key deliverables, including

1.Assess and analyse the current end-to-end user journey’s and identify pain points and quick wins

2.Add edit/create functionality to the Test Builder plug-in and work out a user journey for this

3.Produce high-fidelity designs of the new proposed UI and the added functionality

4.UI Update – the interface has been updated and modernised and uses a similar approach to Google’s Material design system. The flattened design style improves accessibility by allowing key elements and features to be highlighted via prioritisation inside the UI

5.Iconography – the icon set for the entire app was revisited to match the new flatter UI. Accessibility and understanding were the key aims for this redesign where the icons should inform the user as to their purpose without the need for text.

6.Clean UI – Reduced visual clutter in the UI by removing iconography from the Test Builder test process. Introduced a clear hierarchy to text and type elements as well using different weights

7.Functionality – Create and edit functionality has now been added meaning the Test Builder can now be used independently of the desktop app for most testing purposes


By keeping the process flow in mind at all times now the Test Builder has a reduced need for switching back to Provar Desktop. This channels the user and directs them into the desired path to complete their actions. This combined with the modernised and simplified UI along with the clear visual feedback and context sensitive menus’ this gives the end user more control than ever before without relying on the desktop application.

You can download the full case study here.


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