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Our customer needed to be able to conduct online clinical sessions, so we built them a Zoom & Salesforce integration

Following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of our customers who is also one of the UK’s largest Mental Healthcare Partnerships and provides mental health services to individuals, families, children and private sector organisations was suddenly unable to set up In-Person/Offline appointments between their patients and clinicians. They then came to makepositive with a request: they wanted us to enable them to conduct online sessions.

What they needed was a tool that would allow them to schedule online appointments without having to host those sessions. They also wanted the process to work in such a way that the clinician would be able to start the meeting and then allow the patient to join them.

Additionally, both the clinician and patient needed to receive the meeting link via email before the appointment start date and time.

makepositive’s solution:

A Salesforce and Zoom integration! Zoom allows us to conduct virtual meetings through video conferencing, audio calls, chats and webinars and enables us to set up instant as well as scheduled meetings. Our implementation allows the customer to store Zoom info inside Salesforce.

Through the use of some custom fields, an email template for both the clinician and patient to indicate the time and date of the appointment, and a Zoom account – makepositive built an integration that enables Salesforce to identify the appointment details and send corresponding notifications.

Implementation Components:

  1. Custom fields:
    a) Zoom Link: A field that stores the meeting link.
    b) Email Timer: A field that stores the email reminder time that goes out before the appointment to the patient and clinician.
  2. Email Template:
    Two different templates are created. Each will contain the message(s) with the meeting details to be shared with the clinician and the patient respectively.
  3. Process Builder:
    Based on the record’s criteria, there will be a scheduled action defined that is responsible for the email being sent before the scheduled session. The time of sending out these emails is defined by the Email Timer field.
  4. Page Layout/Users:
    Assign the custom fields to the allocated Salesforce users and page layouts.
  5. Zoom Account:
    Using a Zoom account allows the meetings to be set up.

Process for a Salesforce user:

  1. Login to the Zoom account on behalf of the clinician.
  2. Schedule the appointment.
  3. Copy the link and paste it into the field of record.
  4. Salesforce then identifies the appointment’s start date/time and sends the corresponding notifications to the clinician and patient.

If you would like to learn more about this implementation or any other ways that makepositive can help you and your business with your Salesforce investment please fill out the following form or contact us at [email protected].

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