How Salesforce’s can help your business open safely

Are you interested in learning more about how Salesforce’s new solution could help you, your business and your customers safely navigate the reopening of your workplace? At makepositive we have created a number of tailor-made solutions within for specific use cases that might be exactly the support you need as you consider the safest and most effective steps for your customers and employees during these challenging times.

The solution includes work shift scheduling software, contact-tracing programs to help identify employees who may have been exposed to the virus at work, and a core monitoring cockpit for insight and guidance. Its components include:

  • Workplace Command Centre: a single hub for leaders to make decisions and take actions
  • Employee wellness check: allows you to securely survey and assess employee health and wellness
  • Shift management and Planning: enables you to coordinate facilities and employee shift scheduling
  • Contact Tracing: a system to manually trace health and relationship contacts
  • myTrailhead for Learning and Wellness: enables you to skill up your workforce to meet new business needs
  • Emergency Response Management: creates a system to allocate health, public and private sector resources
  • Volunteer and Grants Management: helps you streamline volunteering and giving programs
  • Extend with Partners: provides you with integrated pre-build partner apps and solutions

So how could these components become a valuable asset to your business?  Here are some use cases that we’ve identified:

  • Facilities management and HR employing the Command Centre & Employee Wellness component to identify early warnings and convey them to the wider employee community.
  • The Shift Management Component being used to inform employees when they can safely enter the office thus minimizing their contact with others and allowing them to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Contact tracing for Employees being used by leadership and human resources to manage and ensure that possible co-worker infections are identified and addressed.
  • The whole solution being used by leadership and facilities management who oversee complex office, production and, warehouse locations to get a real time overview of their estate so they can manage the “return to work” process and align it with all internal planning and communications.

If these are applicable to the requirements of your business, makepositive can walk you through some industry specific use cases while running you through some requirement gathering workshops so we understand your current situation and constraints. Our team will then design a unique solution and process for you and update your existing industry specific Proof of Concept scenarios in Salesforce.  Our team will then deploy the solution, train the members of your team who will be required users, and support and enhance the solution as you require.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about makepositive, Salesforce, or Salesforce’s solution.

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