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As we move into the autumn, the relevance of Salesforce’s new apps Salesforce Anywhere and only continue to grow. As Mark Benioff stated recently:

“We are in the new world. We’re in an all digital world where we work digitally, we’re living digitally, we’re educated digitally, and that means we’re going to have to make these adjustments.”

Salesforce has been working to empower their customers to make the necessary adjustments and adapt with and Salesforce Anywhere.  Let’s review some of the features of Salesforce Anywhere:

  • Team collaboration will be easier than ever before with chats, alerts, comments, video features, and personalised suggested actions powered by Einstein now embedded in the Salesforce platform
  • Sales, Marketing and Service teams can work from anywhere when they’re powered by Salesforce Customer 360, and will enjoy access to vertical-specific insights and technology, Service Cloud Voice and Einstein call coaching
  • The MuleSoft and Tableau integrations will provide teams with new insights as they enable the collection of different data sources all together in one place
  • Einstein Recommendations will make training teams easier than ever
  • The new employee service solution and data model enhances employee experience, enabling them to build, manage and scale employee apps and services.

makepositive and Salesforce recently ran a joint webinar covering off the features of both and Salesforce Anywhere in further detail. You can watch a recording of that webinar here. Or reach out to us directly at [email protected] to find out how and Salesforce Anywhere can help your organisation.

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