Why We Are Joining The Sabio Family

In a word, trust.

It happens sometimes – that tense moment when something has to give. Then someone opens up and is momentarily vulnerable. 

This happened in a recent conversation that meant we had entered a deeper level of trust with a customer we cherish.  

There are trillions of interactions every single day between companies and their customers, each one amplified. Sometimes joyful experiences that we want to share, sometimes terrible experiences that make us want to scream and shout. No one wins with the latter.

And this forms part of our experiences, day in day out.  

This is important to us at makepositive because we also have a shared vision for the kind of world we want to live in. And it’s one where there is much less screaming and shouting. 

We are so very proud of how we have helped our customers make their teams and customers feel better by building them a platform to deliver great experiences.  

Yet there is still much work to do. 

We could have got the resources we need from many different places and thank you to those who over the years have offered to help us get to this point.  

So enter stage left Sabio. A company that was also built to deliver experiences that we could all enjoy and lead by a team of old friends. A company that wants to grow in the very same space we have been so successful.

By combining our teams, we will be able to deliver better and faster than ever before. We will be able to operate in more places with more customers. We will have more time and space to think about what’s important for our customers, our company and the wider community. 

But, fundamentally this came down to trust.

Trust is a complex emotion that we tend to think is binary when it’s not. 

And the more you have, the more the world feels a safer, more exciting place to be.  

We’ve placed our trust in Sabio. And we couldn’t be happier.



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