Vikram Middha has been ranked number one for Salesforce Certifications in India!

Artisan Consulting has created a global directory of Salesforce Certified Professionals with the goal of providing insights in to how many people there are in different parts of the world who hold current Salesforce Certificates.

We are delighted to share that one of our very own Certified Technical Architects, Vikram Middha, has been ranked number one in Salesforce Certifications for all of India by Artisan Hub. Vikram is an expert in technical solutions and has a disciplined approach to development, design, and architecture across a diverse number of platforms.

He is a natural leader, a wonderful colleague, and an absolute asset to makepositive with a wealth of technical expertise and a personable and accommodating nature.

Want to know how the Artisan Hub score is calculated?

Each credential is assigned a point value based on the type of credential:

  • Consultant = 4
  • Specialist = 2
  • Developer/Advanced Developer = 3/5
  • Architect Designers = 3
  • Architect = 10
  • Admin/Advanced Admin = 3/3
  • Accreditations = 0

Each certificate is awarded points based on the credential point score multiplied by how many years you have held the certificate. For example, a Certified Administrator who has been certified for 2 years would have a point score of 6 (2 x 3).

With this approach every Certified Professional is assigned a total score which is re-calculated daily.

The global and regional ranking is calculated by ordering all Certified Professionals within the geographic area based on total score. Where multiple Certified Professionals have the same total score, the person certified first gets the higher rank.

When certificates expire because release/maintenance exams are not passed or because the credential is removed by Salesforce University the point value drops to zero.

Why did Artisan Consulting create the Artisan Hub ranking system?

Salesforce provides public access to all Certified Professional’s current certificates via a name or email search via (as long as the person is currently certified and has selected to make their certification information publicly accessible).

Prior to Artisan Hub it was not possible to access aggregate information about the global community of Certified Professionals. They decided to create Artisan Hub to provide access to regional statistics and to facilitate peer to peer collaboration in a Salesforce Community rather than in a Chatter or LinkedIn Group.

We are extremely proud to share Vikram’s achievement and appreciate Artisan Hub’s work to quantify and recognise these accomplishments!

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