Top 5 Lightning Features in Spring ‘18 by Abhilasha Dhamija

Below are my top fantastic-five feature picks in Lightning Experience from the latest Spring ‘18 release.

1. Enjoy Custom Themes

It’s your brand…show them your colours! Choose one of the Salesforce’s built-in themes or create your own with just a few clicks.

2. Let Macros Do Your Work Everywhere

Are you wasting time clicking around and updating records with the same information over and over again? Say goodbye to those boring days! Use Macros to update most standard and custom object records in all Lightning Apps.

Below is a macro setup example to work with Accounts.

3. Gather feedback with Salesforce Surveys

Create beautiful, easy-to-use forms for collecting feedback and data from your users or customers. Add questions you like to gather the data you need!

All your valuable survey data is stored in your org, so you can harness the power of salesforce to view data, create reports and dashboards and share insights with your company.

4. Personalise Navigation in Lightning Experience

Have a unique way to work? Cool! Personalise an app’s navigation bar your way! Reorder items and add or remove them. Even better, add a handy dashboard, list or a record.

5. Stay on Top of Duplicate Records by using Duplicate Jobs

Good clean data builds the trust of your sales team. It also helps you work toward complying with various data protection and privacy regulations. So you’ve got everything to gain by getting a global view of duplicate records. Use duplicate jobs with standard or custom matching rules to scan your Salesforce business or person accounts, contacts, or leads for duplicates. Share job results with others and merge the duplicates—all within Salesforce. Use information about duplicate jobs you’ve run to track your progress in reducing duplicate records. This feature is only available in Performance and Unlimited Editions.

Did you know?

In 2007, Salesforce launched, the core platform technology. Well, they are changing the name to Lightning Platform now as in the past 10 years, it’s become so much more of that. It will take some time to see every reference to removed from all of their products, but from here on out, it’s Lightning Platform!


Abhilasha Dhamija is the makepositive Service Manager in Managed Services now based in London, UK, previously working for makepositive in Gurgaon, India and a regular blogger. Out of work, she loves doing photography, check out her website here.

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