Spring Release ’21 has arrived: let’s see what that means for Sales Cloud

While it is still technically winter, the Salesforce Spring ’21 release has arrived with a wide range of new tools and features.  To get us started lets explore some the newest features that will be available across Sales Cloud:

Salesforce Meetings:

Everyone was glad to say goodbye to 2020, but it looks as though some of the working from home and engaging online trends from this past year are here to stay.  That being said, it isn’t surprising to see Salesforce prioritising Salesforce Meetings in the Spring ’21 Release, which gives sales teams all the tools they need to prepare for virtual meetings and engage effectively with their attendees.

One of the most compelling features of Salesforce Meetings is Meeting Digest, which helps teams prepare for productive conversations by providing them with a single page summary of all the relevant information before a meeting starts. It enables participants to see:

  • Key information about the agenda,
  • Attendee and customer information that helps lead and guide the meeting conversation
  • A place to take notes, document next steps, and collaborate with their team

Meeting Studio is another great new feature, which provides presenters with a camera view and presentation view during their meetings so they can ensure their audience remains engaged and allows them to bypass awkward transitions. They can also adapt their approach based on visual cues from their participants. A few other compelling features include:

  • The ability to view key information from the Meeting Digest to guide the meeting’s conversation
  • A section for participants to take notes, document next steps, and collaborate with their team

High Velocity Sales:

From Einstein Conversation Insights with video calls to a wider array of information on Conversation Insights, High Velocity Sales are here to help give inside sales reps an outsized advantage!

Einstein Conversation Insights is Call Coaching with a new name. It now also supports video calls so sales managers can home in on the important moments in customer conversations and can give their teams relevant feedback around where they’re excelling and where they have room to improve.

Sales Cadences can also now be used to advance opportunities.  By creating sequences of sales activities, sales managers are not able to create the ideal sales process for each of their reps and make every sales success easy to repeat in the future. Some of the new features enable:

  • Sales managers to now create opportunity nurturing sales cadences
  • Sales managers and reps to see targets’ sales cadence status and recent engagement activity on opportunity layouts
  • Sales managers to retire Sales Cadences without losing their data
  • Improved analytics

Lightning Sync is being retired:

Salesforce will no longer introduce enhancements for Lightning Sync. This is being phased out and replaced by Einstein Activity Capture.  All Existing Lightning Sync users on Microsoft Office 365® will need to review their settings and prepare for Microsoft Basic Authentication retirement, scheduled for the second half of 2021.

Additional Spring ’21 Sales Cloud features include mobile forecast adjustments, more flexibility to track information on opportunity products, and more options for lead conversion.

To read the full scope of the Sales Cloud Salesforce Spring ’21 release updates check out the Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Notes here.

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