Spring Release ’21 has arrived – let’s see what improvements are available for Service Cloud

While it is still technically winter, the Salesforce Spring ’21 release has arrived with a wide range of new tools and features. Let’s take a look at some of the newest features that will be available across Service Cloud:

Einstein Bots:

If you’re concerned about customers getting frustrated when engaging with a bot you’re not alone – and we’re happy to report that Einstein Bots has a solution! The Spring ’21 release Error Handler System offers built in error handling, making it easy to be transparent about errors that may occur during those conversations. Friendly messages and a transfer to an agent ensure that your customers always have a great bot experience.

Einstein Article Recommendations:

Would you like help improving the recommended articles that can help your agents close cases? This potential complex process has been made infinitely easier with Insights from the Model Scorecard. The Model Scorecard helps you and your agents understand your complex data and shows you where there are opportunities to refine and improve your recommendations all in one place.

Einstein Voice Wrap-up:

Have you ever wanted to be able to analyse customer conversations in real time? With Einstein Voice Wrap-Up you can. Voice Wrap-up analyses each customer conversation as it’s happening and can suggest field updates based on previous calls. When support agents transfer or complete a call, Einstein can then help them update field values in a snap.

Field Service updates and features:

Within Field Service there are a wide range of updates and new features, and here are a few highlights:

  • You can now create shifts faster using predefined shift patterns. This will allow your shift managers to create shifts in bulk for a service resource or a service territory. 
  • If you’d like to be able to fine-tune shift scheduling, you can now do so by designating shifts to appointments that meet your specific criteria. You can, for example, use shift patterns to define recurring schedules. 
  • Add scheduling criteria to shifts to match the right types of appointments to the right resource. This gives your Experience Cloud sites the gift of shift management. Add Shifts to your Experience Cloud sites or portals to let your users view and manage shifts.

To read the full scope of the Service Cloud Salesforce Spring ’21 release updates check out the Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Notes here.

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