Social Customer Service – A Service Cloud quick win!

What is it and why is it important?

We live in a digital age where social media has fast become a part of everyday life. As an alternative to search engines, many now take to social media as a way of receiving fast responses or advice on questions and issues.

Social media accounts are quickly becoming just as important as email addresses and phone numbers, with 67%* of us having used social media specifically for our customer service needs. A massive 42%* of social media users expect a response within 60 minutes, while 89% of these messages remain unread due to companies simply not having the correct level of technology to handle such requests. These unread messages often fuel customer frustration which can lead to the sharing of negative comments about that brand on their social media platforms.

Social Customer Service allows you to turn social network posts into Salesforce Cases, effortlessly enabling you to respond to posts directly from within the Service Console.

How does it work?

Once enabled, users can sync social media accounts when using the social customer service starter pack. This allows a user to enable two social media accounts from any network, for example – one Twitter and one Facebook.

This will allow all posts to be created as a record on the “Social Post” object.

Once reviewed you can then create a case from each post.

Along with the Social Post creation, a “Social Persona” record is also created that holds information such as a Twitter handle or Facebook username.

These personas then lookup contacts (you can search for the contacts manually) within Salesforce so that you are then able to see multiple social media accounts under each contact record.

A handy feature, which is available, is the automatic creation of cases from a post. If you have a dedicated Facebook/Twitter account specifically for support it may be that you want to automatically create any posts against these as cases.

Once a case is created you are able to reply to the post at the click of a button, choosing either to reply to the original post or as a direct message.

It may be that you want to restrict trainee agents from posting a reply to the customer without it being validated first. These replies can be submitted for approval with specified agents being able to approve or reject the post.

What’s the verdict? 

All in all, with minimal setup effort, you are able to give customers the same customer service experience across all platforms. The Service Console allows you to see all email, phone, live chat, web to case and social media interactions that you have had with that customer. Pair this with Omni channel and these cases will all be automatically routed to an agent. allowing the customer to seamlessly connect with support agents!

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