Service Cloud Voice

Solve phone cases faster with Service Cloud Voice

With Service Cloud Voice, your phone systems are now at one with your Salesforce CRM. So no matter where your agents take calls, they get a better experience and managers get enhanced visibility of activity, driven by AI insights. 

Enhance agent productivity

Service Cloud Voice provides your customers with a consistent and efficient service experience on every call. Agents have instant access to a complete view of the customer, meaning cases can be closed faster and, with Einstein intelligence, agents can work from a single source of truth on one integrated platform. Discover more here. 

Integrate calls seamlessly

Simplify purchasing and rollout of your contact centre telephony with Amazon Connect integrated out of the box with Service Cloud Voice. Salesforce brings together the range of benefits of Amazon Connect (intelligent cloud telephony and call routing and storage) with CRM data. Agents are now able to support customers more effectively and seamlessly through Service Cloud, allowing customers to speak to the right agent, at the right time, with fewer interactions. Want more detail? Find it here

Answer the phone with the power of AI

Agents can reduce average call times and deliver a seamless customer experience with the help of voice transcription from Amazon Connect and AI-powered recommendations from Einstein. Einstein analyses customer-agent interactions and delivers the correct knowledge articles and next steps, which enables agents to solve customer problems faster. 

Optimise training and development

Contact centre managers routinely monitor customer calls for issues where agents need further training, though they don’t always have the correct tools to get this information. Supervisors can acquire real-time insight with Service Cloud Voice to ensure faster case resolution and streamline new agent onboarding. Check out more here

Please get in touch to find out more about how Service Cloud Voice can revolutionise your customer service experience.

Sabio + makepositive creating value together in the contact centre space

Sabio’s unique combination of contact centre expertise and makepositive’s Salesforce Service Cloud specialisation aligned with Conversational AI, WEM and Speech Analytics makes Sabio and makepositive the ideal team to bring your contact centre to life with Amazon Connect and Service Cloud Voice.

1.With over 200,000 contact centre agents under support in Europe, we understand how to bring voice to life in a contact centre. Combine this with our Salesforce Service Cloud experience and industry accelerators we are uniquely positioned to help you get the most out of Service Cloud Voice.

2.Introduce AI to your contact centre today. Our extensive experience building natural language, conversational voice and chat customer journeys to deliver large-scale automation, improve customer experience and drive operational efficiency.

3.Using our tried and tested Speech analytics capability we can help our clients to mine their contact centre data for insight.

4.We enable our customers to get the best out of the tech through a fully managed service focused on providing insight back to the business.