Service Cloud Accelerator

Start realising the benefits of Service Cloud, faster

The makepositive Salesforce Service Cloud Accelerator is a fully featured ‘model driven’ solution that reduces time to value, cost and risk for both existing and new Service Cloud implementations.

It incorporates highly qualitative assets and documentation, ‘test proven’ standard capability built in at its core, with the ability to support a customer with their business lifecycle.

How do you improve your Salesforce Service Cloud solution in 3 easy steps?

Accelerated Time to Value with Reduced Cost & Risk

With a standard approach, a Service Cloud project can take up to 18 weeks:

With Service Cloud Accelerator, the same project will take up to 10 weeks:

The solution is pre-built, ready to demo and deploy to the customer’s Org, to accelerate ‘Build’ by at least 4 weeks.

Best practice, detailed process maps to demonstrate ‘to-be’ business processes to accelerate ‘Discovery’ workshops.

Project documentation, including solution design and user stories ready to deploy and amend to accelerate solution ‘Design’.

Start realising the benefits of Service Cloud, faster!

Benefits for customers

1.Customer centric processes - customers are able to use the channel of their choice (self-serve, voice, email, chat).

2.Self-serve functionality in the customer portal reduces service agent costs and increases customer satisfaction.

3.Allowing customers to view products they are eligible for and to add on features to their existing service/product increases sales and profits.

4.Reduced number of inbound calls allow for better resource planning.

Benefits for agents

1.Assignment of cases based on agent skillset increases rate of first contact resolution.

2.Omni-channel ensures incoming cases from all sources are actioned appropriately and agents don’t ‘cherry-pick’ cases.

3.SLA milestones ensure that customer cases are dealt with in a timely manner.

4.Service console provides 360-degree view of a customer so agents have full context and history of a customer.

5.Knowledge base provides agents with the information they need to resolve cases improving agent efficiency and satisfaction .

Benefits for the business

1.Cross-functional insights and reporting.

2.Single view of the customer across sales and service ensures alignment.

3.Consistent metrics on employee performance.

4.Skills-based profiling for service agents for more efficient resource allocation.

5.Optimised processes improve day-to-day experience for employees and increases retention.