Quote to Cash Hi-Tech Accelerator

You’ve identified your Quote-2-cash use case. You understand the business objectives like moving to a subscription model, standardising and governing quotes and pricing, simplifying the process of upselling and making contract changes. This is a great position to be on your journey. The next question is how to deliver on those objectives. Where do you start from in delivering the value of Q2C?

The process of defining what changes and in what order are needed in your processes, products and pricing can be daunting. Attempting to do so without a point of reference often leads to a drawn out process to get decisions on what to do. 

At makepositive, we have built a Quote to Cash accelerator to help with that. We brought together leading practices from our experiences in working with customers as a starting point of your journey.

We have packaged them into reusable ready to deploy assets to support your goals at an accelerated pace. With our accelerator, you have a starting point and, in some cases, the first unamended basis for actualising the value of your Q2C transformation. 

We’ve partnered with Conga to produce an end to end solution to give a great experience to your end customers and simplify the process for your business.

With ready packaged assets to support a digital-first platform for sales, billing, contract lifecycle management, tax calculations, payment integration and customer self service, we provide packages to support a quick return on your investment.


Using the Salesforce platform with the best in class Conga plugin managing your contract and invoice documents, our accelerator gives you a platform to have better insights into your customers and be more responsive to their needs.

We continue to invest in updating the assets for High Tech and developing accelerators for other verticals.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with us on [email protected] to explore the proposition and for us to better understand your requirements.