Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Do lack of automation and complex processes let your clients and advisors down?

Launched in 2015, Financial Services Cloud is built entirely on Salesforce Customer 360, on top of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

It is designed to drive stronger client relationships in financial services. Through a series of out-of-the-box pre-built productivity and engagement features, advisors can spend less time gathering client information and more time doing what they do best — providing holistic, goal-based advice that puts their clients at the heart of everything they do.

How we can support you

makepositive works with wealth and asset managers, and banking and insurance clients to customise and optimise workflows, journeys and page layouts to help users work more efficiently.

1.Bring together all your siloed data, often in legacy banking or insurance platforms, into one single customer view, giving not just your advisors a more effective and simplified working experience but also the customers a more seamless, consistent experience.

2.Enhance and automate the entire advisor lifecycle from recruitment to training, remuneration and retention.

3.Achieve hyper-personalisation to resonate with every individual on a 1-to-1 basis and intelligently qualify potential clients.

4.Through profiling and automation, we help tailor portfolios to clients’ needs and help advisors close deals faster by reducing the time spent on admin tasks.

Not every industry is the same Nor is every challenge. We have organised our teams around specific industries, so we can offer the insight and understanding that our customers deserve.

Financial Services
We help leaders in the Financial Services industry to drive digital transformation, leverage emerging trends and create new revenue streams by adopting a fully integrated, highly scalable infrastructure.
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We help leaders in the non-life Insurance industry to embrace digital, deliver new value and improve customer success metrics, by enabling access to one centralised place for effectively managing all customer data and interactions.
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