Cross Cloud

makepositive is a pure play Salesforce consultancy specialising in all Salesforce solutions, referred to as Salesforce Clouds. With over 160 employees and more than 800 certifications, makepositive is able to configure and develop best practice Salesforce solutions to whatever requirements your business needs.

With a team of specialised Business Analysts, Technical Architects, Salesforce Configurators and Developers, makepositive is able to help you with improving your marketing strategy and processes, sales activities and customer support experiences.


  • Understand your market
  • Improve your communication with prospects
  • Guide your customers towards specific products or services
  • Acquire better data
  • Improve your qualification processes


  • Improve your account management processes
  • Control and maintain better visibility of your sales activities
  • Understand your sales pipeline and standardise your forecasting
  • Set better individual and team targets
  • Improve your team collaboration
  • Improve your product selection processes by configuring guided selling functionality
  • Improve your communication with customer through standard quotes and contracts

Customer Support

  • Standardise how you manage issues and queries
  • Empower your customers by allowing them to contact you via several channels such as email, phone, live agent, forms and self service functionalities
  • Provide better customer experience by implementing SLAs and ensuring they are not broken
  • Allow customers to sell service by providing visibility of FAQs, common queries and best practice guidelines

With experience in all sectors and industries, makepositive takes a best in breed approach to coming up with solutions with you in order to get your business to the next level.

Contact us to find out how we can help and discover how we have helped organisations in industries similar to yours.