Salesforce Communications Cloud

Are you behind the digital adoption curve?

Salesforce Communications Cloud is a suite of industry-specific cloud applications that can quickly deliver a digital-first experience, accelerating digital channel adoption, reducing product launch cycles and automating the quote to order process.

The communications-specific features incorporated in the Communications Cloud suite alongside makepositive’s extensive experience within the telecommunications industry with a key focus on AltNets and Managed Services Providers, will help you deliver the connected future, faster.

Measurable results

How we can support you

Drive transformation for the entire organisation

When we engage with a customer, we consider the entire enterprise and not just the domain of Salesforce solutions. This means we’ll help you to understand the impact of limitations in their current estate and how to effectively drive transformation leveraging the Salesforce Communications Cloud suite.

Launch products and services faster

Thanks to our consultative approach and our Accelerator, we can quickly deploy a catalogue-driven solution with embedded best practice and governance, and meet our customers’ current and future needs, covering the domains of:

  • Concept to Market (launching Offering / Products)
  • Lead to Cash (from lead management through to Quote and Order)
  • Trouble to Resolve (addressing Incident Management)

Improve customer experience with a digital first approach

We will work with you to understand the different processes and customer touchpoints to help you design a best in class, digital first experience for your customers by building guided processes, enabling self-service and building seamless cross channel journeys.

Empower your sales people and optimise sales

We’ll look into your sales process to uncover bottlenecks and causes for errors and delays to help you build a quote to order process that will leverage automations, workflows and pricing rules that will improve accuracy and empower your sales people to do what they do best.

Accelerate time-to-value with pre-built components

We’ll leverage Communications Cloud’s pre-built applications, product models, integrations and out-of-the-box TM Forum compliant components, as well as our own library of communications-specific pre-built components, to simplify and automate your business processes.

Our Telecommunications Accelerator will help to speed-up deployment through a best practice view of end-state design and transformation phasing.

Our Telecommunications Accelerator for Salesforce Communications Cloud

Our Telecommunications Accelerator, extended with sector-specific frameworks and templates for AltNets and Managed Services Providers, supports current needs and growth aspirations, including fast time-to-value, retail / wholesale separation, and easy onboarding of new suppliers or customers.

It uniquely combines deep industry knowledge, best practice in enterprise end-state design and transformation planning, and a set of pre-built industry-specific implementation assets, to accelerate time-to-delivery and lower the risk of transformation.

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