Commerce Cloud Accelerator

The makepositive Salesforce Commerce Cloud (B2C) Accelerator has been created based on experience in integrating CRM and ERP with SFCC and best practice from retail industries. The solution is pre-built on MuleSoft, so it speeds the process of both design and delivery. This ensures shorter and less expensive projects and reduces the delivery risks to any transformational project.

SFCC integration supported by the accelerator:

  1. Product, Variants and Categories
  2. Multiple PriceBook
  3. Real Time Inventory
  4. Customer 360
  5. Order and Order Updates

Benefits to customer

1.Quicker time to market for new products - by using the accelerator and automating the product import into SFCC from the ERP, no manual steps are needed for the data import

2.First population and Incremental changes - the Accelerators can support big catalogues of products with millions of inventory changes, as it works by using SFCC out of the box File Import/Output via SFTP

3.Accelerated delivery - by leveraging this accelerator a customer’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C Integration could be up to 50% faster

4.Happier Employees - the Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C Accelerator enables businesses to function smoothly and easily, allowing employees to collaborate so they are no longer stuck working in silos with frustrating data issues & manual tasks.

For more information about our Commerce Cloud Accelerator, contact our MuleSoft lead Fabio Persico at [email protected]