High Technology

High Technology has been changing faster than any other industry, spearheading the era of innovation and transformation. As the industry continues to evolve, new challenges and opportunities are pushing high-tech companies to rethink their business model, their processes, and how they engage with customers and partners.

To thrive, high-tech companies will need to place the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Drive engagement and collaboration

Digital natives have changed the rules of the game for all high-tech companies, many of which find themselves gradually losing ground to the competition. Companies that are able to reinvent engagement tactics with customers, partners, and their entire ecosystem will be better positioned to excel in the evolving industry landscape. makepositive’s team of Salesforce experts in high-tech can help you to:

1.Leverage data management, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to be better positioned to deliver more hyper-relevant, personalised experiences.

2.Enable sales, product and marketing to launch new bundled offerings, enhance customer experience, and achieve financial objectives.

3.Build a scalable architecture to enable new business transactions with a frictionless user and customer experience.

Improve sales and business outcomes

Fragmented ecosystems and a lack of accurate insights mean that high-tech companies are unable to analyse client expectations before planning and development. This in turn hinders their ability to meet market needs, provide meaningful differentiation, and enter new markets and customer segments. makepositive’s team of Salesforce experts in high-tech can help you to:

1.Develop a digitally connected enterprise that uses data to turn insight into action across the business in real-time.

2.Optimise product development and go-to-market with better insights on channel effectiveness and customer preferences.

3.Enable a more aligned and converged partner ecosystem to jointly develop, market, and commercialise offers.

Build operational agility to maximise business performance

The ability to be more agile and adaptable to change is essential for high-tech companies to remain competitive, but it’s also a balancing act. It requires improved collaboration and interoperability between business, supply chain and production operations, without losing sight of cyber risk and data privacy -related concerns. makepositive’s team of Salesforce experts in high-tech can help you to:

1.Reduce risk and increase compliance with embedded governance and best practice.

2.Unify reporting across departments for better alignment, planning and forecasting.

3.Create a single source of truth across products and departments through a fully integrated CRM platform.

“The makepositive team have gone above and beyond with this deployment at it gives me a lot of confidence we will have the same level of engagement on the next project.”


Salesforce solutions for High Technology

Why makepositive

Customer success is at the heart of what we do and we’re really proud of our consistently excellent customer satisfaction score (4.9/5), as well as being winners of the Salesforce Partner Award for Innovation not once but twice!

Our specialised Salesforce services help leaders in the High Technology industry to reinvent their operational model and create long-term value for their customers, by creating connected ecosystems that deliver hyper-customised experiences.

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