Financial Services

To stand out, create real value and differentiate, the financial services industry has to succeed in offering a consistent and valuable customer experience, and through that build stronger relationships and customer value. To forge even deeper, long lasting connections, you need to engage your customers and clients with intelligent, timely and flexible solutions.

How can Salesforce and makepositive help you do this?

  • We can help empower your front and service staff with modern customer-centric relationship management tools, providing a 360 degree view of your customers
  • Create the personalised banking and insurance experiences that your customers are demanding with smart insights, allowing your employees to convert more leads and identify new opportunities
  • Develop better experiences for Customers, Employees and Partners through an omni-channel integration across web, social and email – all on a single platform
  • Deliver a world-class customer experience with a trusted, renowned banking & insurance platform built with client engagement and satisfaction at its core.

Salesforce for financial services is more than just a financial software. It’s a cloud-based platform for financial advisors, banks and insurers to improve and manage their customer and client relationships.

Get in touch to discover how makepositive can support your business through a Salesforce implementation:

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