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Salesforce Sales Cloud is the sales platform designed for all your needs. Over 82% of businesses use a CRM (customer relationship management platform) to oversee their sales operation — and if your business is one of that 18% lagging behind, then Sales Cloud could help you build stability and grow by chasing leads and closing deals. 

Sales Cloud hosts your data in the cloud, so it’s available anywhere in the world and gives you a complete overview of your sales process for unbeatable strategic insight. With around 5.6 million people working solely from home in the UK, it’s crucial that your team can manage the sales operation effectively from anywhere.

So, how can you and your team get started with the Salesforce Sales Cloud Mobile? Keep reading to find out how the platform can improve productivity and boost revenue, all while on the go.

How Salesforce Sales Cloud Mobile Can Make Running Your Business Efficient

According to a Gartner study, workers lose 20% of their working time managing documents or paper-based records. Luckily, utilising a cloud-based platform eliminates this block to productivity, empowering your employees to do their job to the fullest and allowing your documentation to be stored safely.

The Sales Cloud system allows all customer (and potential customer) data to be stored securely, with limited access if you choose. Only the relevant people will be able to examine any personal information and sales details, making your data safer than ever. For example, if a potential customer fills in a form on your website, the built-in data capture features mean they will be able to monitor their communication preferences and be safe in the knowledge that your business stores their data effectively.

The sharing architecture of the Sales Cloud platform also means that your teams will be able to work together in an optimised manner — with access to documents and real-time insights, they can collaborate without wasting time pulling together the relevant records, wherever in the world they are. On the Sales Cloud Mobile app, all this access to information can make productivity skyrocket — even from the palm of your employees’ hands. 

Finessing Your Account and Contact Management

Not only will your teams in different places be able to work together more efficiently, but your employees can also finesse how they work independently. Studies find that 142 minutes a day are wasted on administrative tasks when your employees could be finding new ways to maximise their productivity.

The Sales Cloud Mobile app allows your sales team to edit a plethora of sales details, such as updating deals, contact information, and adding relevant documents, all from the palm of their hand. If your sales team is on the go, they can simply make notes and changes immediately after a meeting, or on their commute, instead of waiting until they get back to the office.

Since your contact and sales information is updated in real-time, this makes reporting a far more straightforward process. Instead of manually pulling together details about deals, contacts in the sales funnel, or revenue totals, your team will be able to gather data quickly. 

If you’d like to find out more about how Salesforce Sales Cloud mobile can make your sales processes more efficient, take a look at how makepositive worked with Bruntwood to streamline their operation.

Arming Mobile Sales Teams With All the Data

Many sales teams are rarely in an office, frequently at meetings, travelling, or may even be based abroad. Especially post-pandemic, having a fully office-based team is a rarity. So allowing mobile workers access to cloud-based sales data means that you can easily keep your remote employees in the loop. 

Even with hundreds of miles of distance between an employee and their colleagues, they’ll still have complete visibility of the sales data they need to work. Through the mobile app, your travelling salespeople can update deals while on the go or straight after meetings while the details are still fresh in their minds. This real-time updating feature means your staff won’t be wasting time back in the office on laborious manual input or administrative work. 

Not only does the Sales Cloud Mobile app save your staff valuable time while they are on the move, but it means that your clients or potential clients are getting a better experience — their information is more likely to be up-to-date. In addition, the sales or customer service team will always have the relevant information close to hand if there are any enquiries from clients. 

Simplifying Remote File Access

In sales and customer management, there is a variety of documentation you may have to navigate, such as:

  • Costing sheets
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Pitch decks
  • Briefs or examples of work

Preparing and sharing documentation isn’t the end of the story — just as necessary, is the storage of your records. Data storage is subject to strict legislation, so your business must get this right.

When using a cloud-based system, it means that all the files your team will need can be accessed by the relevant people. As a result, the encrypted cloud allows easier collaboration, but the documents are also protected from data breaches.

Alongside added protection, your staff won’t have to rifle through digital folders to find documentation. Instead, they can attach the relevant files for each client to their specific contact history for more efficient filing. God forbid, if you’re still using a paper-based filing process, the Salesforce Sales Cloud Mobile app will save time, money, stress and ensure you’re compliant with data security laws too.

Implement Salesforce Sales Cloud Mobile With an Expert Partner

makepositive is a Platinum Salesforce Partner with a team of Sales Cloud professionals. 

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