Are you still using Salesforce Process Builder or Workflow Rules?

Are you still using Process Builder or Workflow Rules in your Salesforce org to build automations? Did you know that following the recent release of Flow, Salesforce is retiring both automation tools and will no longer support them?

This means that you will not be able to create new automations or make major enhancements to existing ones.

Salesforce has left ample time for its customers to migrate to Flow, but our advice is that you should start considering what this migration means for your processes and your business today.

Why is Salesforce Flow better than Process Builder or Salesforce Workflows?

Flow is capable of so much more than either Workflow Rules or Process Builder, with Salesforce continuously investing in expanding its capabilities to address many parity gaps inherent to the previous automation tools:

  1. Better overall performance and flexibility
  2. Functionality to improve high-volume automations
  3. Improved error handling and debugging
  4. Better reusability of functionality
  5. Improved capability to replace automations that were built with custom code
  6. New, advanced features (for example Screen Flows)

Salesforce Process Builder - Workflow Rules - Flow

How can makepositive help you?

If you migrate existing legacy processes and technical debt together with your automations to Salesforce Flow, you will be doing your business a disservice.

Our experienced Salesforce consultants will be able to help you remove technical debt, update your processes and workflows, and migrate to Flow ready to leverage its advanced capabilities to further optimise your business operations.

Take advantage of our 10+ year Salesforce experience and let us complete a free Salesforce Health Check to understand if the automations in your org are built according to best practice and if your processes in Salesforce reflect your business today. To find out more, get in touch at [email protected].

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