Salesforce and makepositive marathon – Jane Palmer

makepositive is proudly sponsoring Salesforce’s London Marathon team in support of the child protection charity NSPCC. In this blog, we talk to Salesforce runner Jane Palmer.

  1. Why did you decide to run a Marathon? Do you have any experience with the NSPCC? What are you hoping to get out of this Marathon?
    Ever since my first marathon, I’ve wanted to do London. I’ve entered the ballot numerous times, and never been successful. This year, the opportunity came up to run with the NSPCC via work, and I was lucky!
  1. What motivates you to run and what is your running experience so far (previous Marathons etc)?
    When I first started dating my husband, he was training for New York Marathon. Then he decided that he wanted to do all six major marathons. That sort of thing tends to wear off on you after a while, and I found myself thinking ‘Oooh, I could do a marathon for my 35th birthday’. That was Rome in 2014. Since then I’ve run Berlin, Manchester and the Isle of Wight.
  1. How is training going? When did you start or when do you plan to start? How are you finding fitting training into your work/life schedule?
    Training’s started badly – I caught a nasty cold just as I was beginning to get into stride, and that’s put me back a few weeks. I tend to run three mornings a week after dropping my daughter off at preschool, with one longer run at the weekend.
  1. What does your training schedule look like? Do you just run or do you do other activities?
    I have a lovely coach, Laura at,  She plans out sessions round my life for me, and makes sure I have a nice mixture of hills, intervals, slow runs and long runs.
  1. Have you sustained any injuries? If so, what is your recovery process?
    I have a tendency to sciatica and plantar fasciatis (which I can’t spell). Both are helped by the massage gun.
  1. During the Marathon, how do you settle into your pace? Do you listen to music and if so, what’s on the playlist?
    I love to run to music. I’ve got a playlist for marathons, lots of upbeat songs to keep me going. A real mixture. Musicals, pop, heavy metal…
  1. What have been your biggest challenges since starting training?
    Time for long runs – they bite into the weekend so much that very often, I’ll take a Friday morning of vacation time to run them.
  1. What advice would you give to anyone thinking of running a marathon?Try it. After I finished my first marathon, I looked at my husband and said ‘When can I do that again?’. That was not my reaction to my first half marathon…
  1. Would you do another Marathon after this one?
    Probably not. My husband really wants to qualify for Boston again, and it’s a lot to have both your parents training for marathons at the same time when you’re only four!

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Salesforce Jane Palmer

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