Passport for Chatter

Unlock the power of Chatter across your entire business regardless of the number of Salesforce instances. Passport is an application that synchronises Chatter across multiple Salesforce organisations.

What Passport does

1.Connect securely and synchronise users with other Salesforce instances

2.Enables you to create, join and participate in groups that span multiple Salesforce instances

3.Collaborate on accounts, opportunities and other objects between multiple instances

4.Partner Collaboration - Get the most out of your business partnerships. Collaborate and share information with key partners and resellers who are also using Chatter

5.Sales collaboration - Passport allows your sales and service teams across multiple business units to communicate about your Key Accounts and how to best service your customer with a single voice


The only solution that provides Chatter collaboration over multiple Salesforce orgs and communities

Passport for Communities

Connect your own Salesforce organisation’s Chatter stream with your external Communities Chatter to ensure you can seamlessly collaborate and share information using your existing Salesforce login.