We have our dancing shoes on for Partner Strictly Dancing!

On Thursday November 8th, the much-anticipated, makepositive sponsored, Partners Strictly Dancing took centre stage at The Troxy in Limehouse. For anyone who wasn’t able to attend – we’re sorry to report that you missed an absolutely fabulous party, filled with delightful dance routines, charitable giving and friendly, but fired-up partner competition!

The 12 competing couples who participated hailed from all around the Salesforce ecosystem. These 24 individuals spent ten weeks training with the highly skilled dance instructors at Pineapple Studios, learning everything from the waltz to the tango and the cha cha cha. Makepositive’s own Hannah Stevens, Jasmine Ashley, Gary Brown and Warren Metcalfe all competed before the panel of judges in the hope of winning the Partner Strictly Dancing UK champion title.

The competition was fierce, with every pair delivering impressive performances for the panel of judges whilst enjoying enormous support from the crowd and their colleagues. It was a close call with many standout performances, but at the end it was Rebecca Pooley and Paul Hutchinson who took home the crown for a combination of their impressive dance skills and wonderful fundraising efforts.

In addition to the spectacular dancing, the night included a delicious three course meal, live music, and an auction to benefit the charity of the evening, Sports Traider. When all was said and done, Sports Traider, which provides access to sports for underprivileged and special needs children, walked away with £50,000 that they will use to continue their important work.

The evening was such a success that the evening’s organiser, Partner Event Promotions (also known as ‘PEP’, the brain child of Nadio Granata and James Collett), plans to take the dancing competition international with Partners Strictly Dancing being planned in APAC, EMEA and the US with a global championship planned for Dreamforce 2019.

The success and support the event received from the Salesforce ecosystem is a reminder of how committed this community has become in joining forces, with a shared goal of doing good in our communities and the wider world. We hope to see many more events that provide a platform for partners across the Salesforce ecosystem to connect with one another in a social environment while raising money for charity.








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