Our Salesforce Change Management Methodology

Our Salesforce change management methodology during digital transformations

Humans are creatures of habit, meaning change is a challenge for many. Organisational change, such as a digital transformation, can be met with resistance within certain businesses and groups if not handled appropriately. 

One of the core reasons why we’ve completed over 1,600 successful client projects is our unique approach to driving and facilitating change within organisations. Whether you’re simply looking to get started with Sales Cloud or establish a wholly-integrated Salesforce ecosystem, our Salesforce change management methodology means you’ll get tailored support at every turn.  

In this tell-all exposé, we’ll explore our Salesforce change management methodology and outline our approach on how we support our clients through a digital transformation project.

We place people first

Contrary to popular belief, digital transformation projects are less about the technology and more about the people. Technology is, of course, a vital element — but without the right mindset or support in place, businesses will find themselves struggling to adapt to their new digital environment. 

Often, the tech-first approach is why digital transformation efforts or migrations to the cloud fail. Businesses focus too heavily on the importance of the tools without considering how their users will interact with them, leading to disruption further down the line.

It’s critical to remember that technology is there to support its users. At makepositive, we put people at the centre of our work. We aim to guide users throughout the digital transformation journey to make the transition as seamless as possible. Not only that, but we strive to involve individuals in the change to overcome any initial trepidation and create processes that work for everyone.

For instance, we can help you legitimise the business case for change, demonstrating to end-users how they are likely to benefit from the project. In doing so, businesses can get buy-in from across the board, which is critical to ensuring long-term success. In addition, we understand the value of a positive user experience, so we’re committed to making new processes highly intuitive through thoughtful UI/UX design. 

We align technical processes to business outcomes

A successful digital transformation is underpinned by a well-thought-out planning stage. Before undertaking any organisational change, businesses need to ensure they understand why they’re doing it and how it will affect various teams.

makepositive collaborates with each of your departments to map out the benefits of implementing change and align company and staff objectives. For example, automating routine tasks to give staff time back to add value where it matters most. Instead of taking a prescriptive approach to change management, we consider each business on a case-by-case basis. By adapting to their individual goals and speaking their language, we can ensure that the project works best for their needs.

In addition, we focus on creating a constant stream of communication to understand pain points and deliver project updates. Building this relationship allows us to better understand the needs of a business and identify any potential future roadblocks, such as a skills gap or the need to onboard suppliers to new processes.

makepositive uses the Prosci-ADKAR framework to support our Salesforce change management methodology and engage your team effectively. ADKAR, which stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement, aims to equip leaders with the right strategies and tools, and individuals with the right information, motivation and ability to successfully move through project phases in their organisation.

By outlining the goals and outcomes of a successful change using the ADKAR model, makepositive can enable leaders to focus their activities on what will drive individual change and, therefore, achieve organisation-wide outcomes.

We make you self-sufficient

Ahead of the product launch, makepositive ensures that the business and relevant stakeholders are equipped with the right skills to drive self-sufficiency after the project ends. By empowering end-users with the knowledge they need to manage your new platform, we can ensure the long-term success of the project.

The way in which we transfer this knowledge will depend on your needs. For example, some organisations will opt for ongoing managed services for reinforced support; others will prefer proactive training initiatives to build up internal skills. Whatever the requirements, we can flex to meet your requirements.

There are also Salesforce resources that can help support users, enabling them to grow more confident with the technology. For example, Salesforce hosts a rich learning ecosystem on Trailhead to help you get ahead.

Trailhead is available for free to anyone looking to learn more about Salesforce. The training platform offers modules on everything from best practices for developers and modules on marketing and leadership, empowering teams at every level to get familiar with Service Cloud before it goes live. 

Unify your people, processes and platform

Driving commercial change is a sprawling task, but proven frameworks and a strong focus on the people at the heart of your organisation makes it achievable to schedule and under budget.

Our Salesforce change management methodology places a keen emphasis on the people using your new cloud-enabled platforms. We can help streamline the transition period within your business by showcasing the benefits of your new strategic direction. We can also equip your staff with tools to remove redundant tasks in their day-to-day workloads and help them add value to new areas. 

Get started with Salesforce by partnering with makepositive, and uncover new skill resources in your business today.

Want to be our next success story?

makepositive is a leading UK software implementation provider and a Platinum Salesforce Partner. 

We offer a host of services aimed at helping your organisation identify and realise the benefits of digital tools using a people-first and well-planned approach. We’ve helped a wide range of industries modernise their operations with scalable software solutions and successfully navigate the transition period before launch day.


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