Our favourite Summer Release ’21 features for Sales Cloud

It’s that time of the year again: Summer Release ‘21 is upon us, and that means we’ve got a whole bunch of exciting new features and functionality to play around with! Check out the Salesforce Summer ’21  release notes to see everything that will be fully available on 12th June, but if you’re not up for reading all 388 pages, not to worry, we’ve done it for you and selected a few of our favourite new features for Sales Cloud to share with you!

Pipeline Inspection Launched:

Pipeline Inspection provides your sales team with a single view of their pipeline. This includes key metrics and opportunities and weekly changes in close dates amounts, stages, and forecast categories. 

Using these insights, your sales team can focus on the most important deals and your managers can identify opportunities or team members that need more support. 

Sales teams can now filter the pipeline inspection view in multiple ways:

  • They can use quick filters to narrow the view by time period, team or sales rep
  • They can click any of the pipeline metrics such as ‘Moved In’, to see a list of matching opportunities
  • They can refine the view with filter criteria

Recent changes are now highlighted in the opportunity list. Changes to amounts close dates, forecast categories and stages are highlighted with red and green text and arrows. 

Licensing – Pipeline Inspection is available for Sales Cloud in Lightning Experience Performance and Unlimited editions only.

Improvements to Salesforce Meetings:

With virtual meetings continuing to be a key aspect of many businesses’ daily operations, Salesforce has made some improvements to the Salesforce Meetings platform. You can now take more actions and receive more insights to address customer concerns without leaving Salesforce Meetings:

  • Take Action:
      • You can now update attendee details, start emails, or add new records to Salesforce directly from the Meeting Digest
  • Get More Insights:
      • You’ll now find that Meeting Digest includes insights into the highest priority cases and outstanding customer requests
      • After a meeting is over, you will now receive reminders in the Meeting Digest about scheduling follow-up meetings and insights into outstanding requests
  • Zoom Integration:
    • Great news for Zoom users; Zoom Integration features are now available for Salesforce Meetings users when Einstein Activity Capture is enabled. Capturing data from video calls enables the collection of valuable metadata for insights into each Zoom meeting. Plus, reps who use Salesforce Inbox can generate links to Zoom meetings when they schedule meetings using the ‘Insert Availability’ function.
  • Add Meeting Digest as a custom tab in Microsoft Teams:
    • If your team is working in Microsoft Teams you can now add the Meeting Digest as a custom tab to a Teams meeting. With access in Teams, you can now review and prepare for meetings where they work, access the same related-record details, take notes, and ensure that record information stays up to date in Salesforce.

Licensing – Salesforce Meetings is available for Sales Cloud in Lightning Experience Performance and Unlimited editions only

Improvements to High Velocity Sales & Einstein

  • High Velocity Sales Improvements:
    • Your team can now add LinkedIn InMail and connection request steps to your sales cadences
    • You can now see and report on engagement data for each step, email template, and call script on sales cadence pages
    • You can also now report on Engagement for Leads, Contacts, Users, and Sales Cadences
  • Sales Cloud Einstein Improvements:
    • You can now tell Einstein to evaluate your leads and conversion history separately for different groups of leads, making your scores more useful. You can score leads from trade shows and advertising campaigns separately to let Einstein determine their unique conversion patterns thus providing better scores for each.

Improvements to Core Sales & Productivity Features:

Core Sales:

  • Native LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration
    • Your team are now able to see LinkedIn profiles on lead, contact, opportunity, and account pages.
    • You can now send InMails and connection requests with native Lightning actions.
    • Sales managers can also now add LinkedIn InMail and connection request steps to High Velocity Sales cadences.

If you’d like to know any more about any of these features or how makepositive can help you and your business, please reach out to us at [email protected] or complete the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this page.

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