My first day… by Jasmine Ashley

My first day at makepositive by Jasmine Ashley

My journey to joining the makepositive family was not as straightforward as initially expected. This is my second time living in the United Kingdom. A few years back I used my Working Holiday visa to experience the London life, working in a fish & chip shop, pizza pub and customer services. I really enjoyed my time, the visa expired and I returned to New Zealand having discovered

At the time I was in holiday mode and still weighing up the decision to move back to London. The Brexit vote had a lot of people asking why I would want to leave a place everyone wants to now move to. The offer to swap places or passports was a running joke. The future changes in the structure of the European Union have no effect on Kiwis. We have always been ‘others’ in passport control and have a reputation for being found in the most random of places. My advice to those worried about access to Europe… use the ‘Other’ line. It’s not so bad and it doesn’t take that long. In the summer of 2016 I resigned from my consulting role with a Wellington based partner and took 2 months to travel France and the UK celebrating the big 30. While here in London I decided to look at work opportunities and was given a number of referrals. The first phone interview with Vicky from makepositive was while I was shopping in a supermarket in Nantes, France. Later that week I found my way around the metal box factory and had an interview with Pei and Kat.

I returned to New Zealand with a few decisions to make and a few months later got back in touch with makepositive. The diversity of the Salesforce market and the ability to travel around and enjoy the history of Europe was a motivating factor and a few of my friends had already made the move over. The ball was rolling by October but hit a snag when the Home Office delayed the issuing of the certificate of sponsorship and it became a waiting game for both makepositive and myself.

Some freelance and contract work, a trip back to Europe, a significant earthquake, and a beautiful summer,  Christmas with family and come January I was hanging out to get back into work. Vicky was able to assign my certificate; I applied and received my visa in 8 days and booked my flight for 2 days later. A couple days to get over the jet lag and I was meeting my colleagues and assigned my first project.

The team has been so welcoming, making sure to invite and update me on the social aspects of the workplace as well as helping with getting settled.  It has been great to jump back into work … the only differences between the London and Wellington workday is the commute in on the tube, the size of the team and number of specialists that work in our office. It is great. I’m loving it!

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