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Our Practice Lead, Fabio Persico, explains more about our practice and how MuleSoft is being used to connect the world’s applications, data and devices

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MuleSoft was founded over a decade ago by Ross Mason, who came up with a simple but powerful idea: why continue to write custom code over and over again when you could just assemble the right components, making the process significantly faster and more efficient?  Well that simple idea was an absolute game changer. There are now more than 175,000 developers the world over, working in nearly every industry who depend on this revolutionary platform.  In 2018 MuleSoft was acquired by Salesforce, so it has now been part of the Salesforce integration platform and cloud for nearly two years.

So what exactly is MuleSoft, you might ask? Well MuleSoft, technically speaking, is an API Management and Integration Platform as a Service (Anypoint Platform).  In layman’s terms, this means it functions as a layer between two systems that makes it easy for them to communicate, supporting seamless connectivity while centralising the data and integration from those systems in the cloud. In short it enables companies to achieve digital transformations by easily connecting all their business systems.

Today’s average enterprise has 900 applications, but only 28% of those applications are connected to one another.  This places an enormous burden on IT teams who are tasked with implementing, governing and maintaining an ever-increasing number of applications and systems.  This leaves little to no time for innovation.

Additionally, customer demands are changing. To remain competitive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, companies must embrace digital transformation as their customers now expect digital, on demand experiences. They want things to be seamless – they don’t want to see where departments and systems are stitched together.

Enter MuleSoft.  MuleSoft brings this all together by helping organisations change and innovate faster, making it easy to connect any application, data and device with application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs are essentially the messengers that take requests and tell a system what a user wants it to do and then returns the response to the user.

So that, in a nutshell, is what MuleSoft does: it connects the world’s applications, data and devices. Its Anypoint Platform makes this process easy with its complete integration platform for SaaS, SOA and APIs. Thousands of organisations in over 60 countries, from emerging brands to Global 500 enterprises, use MuleSoft to innovate faster and gain competitive advantage.

The need for data integration is a top priority for businesses around the world, with the demand for integration only continuing to grow. A recent study highlighted this fact when it found that 54% of Salesforce customers plan to increase their API network.

And this is where makepositive comes in. makepositive has a dedicated MuleSoft practice and we want to empower our Salesforce customers to unleash the real power of a connected Salesforce Customer 360 degree experience.

Here at makepositive we have a framework that is based on the 4 ‘D’ Pillars:

  • Define
    • Get stakeholders thinking about user needs. Educate them about best practice and get them excited about the potential
  • Design
    • Understand the key requirements and current pain points
  • Develop
    • Build the solution following industry standards and our own best practice guidelines
  • Deliver
    • Delivering what is required on time, on budget and with no surprises

We’ve already applied this framework during MuleSoft deliveries with several customers, including a large UK car servicing and repair company.

By using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, we increased the customer’s speed and agility while rapidly delivering their new mobile and sales channels as well as the customer omni-channel. The solution was based on:

  • API-led and reusable assets
  • A unified API & Integration platform

As the makepositive MuleSoft practice lead, I have found that when it comes to deploying cloud-based applications, one of the most pressing challenges that organisations are facing is integration. To make the most of a cloud-solution, such as Salesforce, organisations need to have a comprehensive integration strategy in place.

That is why makepositive chose to become a proud MuleSoft partner, so that we can help our customers unlock their data and fully make use of this dynamic and disruptive cloud to propel their business ahead of the competition.

If you would like to know more about our MuleSoft practice you can contact me directly at [email protected] and if you’d like to know more about makepositive and our other practices and services you can contact our SVP of Sales and Marketing, Ron D’Mello, at [email protected].


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