Managed Services

Why Managed Services is important to your business

If you require on-going support, maintenance and enhancements for your Salesforce implementation, our Managed Service proposition is the ideal solution for you.

Salesforce is constantly evolving, so keeping your implementation up to date can be a challenge if you don’t have in-house expertise. So it only makes sense to utilise ours!  We’re obsessed with Salesforce and our Managed Service helps you get the most out of your investment. From day to day support to Business-As-Usual changes we can help you to keep your Salesforce Org in line with your changing business processes. In addition, we’ll keep you informed on what’s coming in the Salesforce releases three times a year and help you to identify potential issues before they become problems.

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Positive Technical Assessment

Already have Salesforce Premier+ Success Plan?

Great! We’ll pass cases to Salesforce where appropriate and monitor and manage their progress. Where the case falls outside of Premier+ Success Plan’s Administrative or Developer Support, we’ll work on the case instead. Plus, we’ll point out some of the excellent resources available to you as a Premier+ customer in terms of training, communities and webinars.

If you’re already a Stay Positive client, you can log in to the portal here.

What Stay Positive provides

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