How SteelBrick ultimately improves customer satisfaction by Nikhil Jaitly

A CPQ solution from Salesforce

The old saying ‘Time and Tide wait for none’ is perhaps true now more than ever. In today’s marketplace, buyers are faced with a plethora of options for all kinds of products and services on the internet and no business wants to fall short of the opportunity of an incoming deal, especially for reasons like:

  • inaccurate quotes
  • long approval times for quotes or discounts
  • archaic ways of creating contracts or quote sheets
  • inefficient ways of billing
  • lack of information to make informed decisions.


All the above lead to either lost time or money, or worse, both.

This is when a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) solution really comes in handy. It helps by plugging most of the above-mentioned gaps, but even more importantly, it’s a native Salesforce solution. Yes, you heard that right. SteelBrick is a native CPQ solution provided by Salesforce, after Salesforce acquired it back in February 2016. So what exactly are the benefits of a native Salesforce Solution? Let’s have a look…

  1. It uses the same security model as your Salesforce instance and hence it is easier to secure.
  2. It is always available as long as Salesforce services are available (whereas in non-native solutions the availability of services is subject to third party servers where the Application is hosted.)
  3. The native solution can be customized using Salesforce functionality viz Process Builder, Custom fields, Approval Processes etc.
  4. It is always easier for users to work on Salesforce native applications as they leverage the same platform as the users have been using.
  5. Last but not least, integration overheads can be avoided in Salesforce native solutions.

So, what exactly does SteelBrick do?

To provide you with a complete list of features, SteelBrick primarily offers the following:

  • Quote to Cash solution
  • Control over sales process
  • Unique solution for each customer
  • Control for discounts and Prices
  • Generation of Contracts/Proposals to keep deals moving
  • Efficient tracking of purchase data as they move along in Salesforce
  • Creation of Orders / Invoices
  • Provide Opportunity for Upselling to the reps
  • Guided selling for Sales People
  • Integrated Payment options which make collections easy
  • Easy tracking of potential issues
  • Revenue recognition schedules automatically for Order with multiple orders and subscriptions
  • Analytics


However, to really understand the benefits of each of these, let’s break each of the above down into an easy-to-understand and relatable context.

Every step in the image below shown tells us the various stages a Sales deal goes through and how SteelBrick helps along the way. In the following paragraphs, I will explain how easy it is to configure SteelBrick and start reaping benefits in the form of rapid closure of deals, improved productivity of sales users, implementing organisation-wide strategy for every deal as well as for individual cases, so as to avoid any delays while working on opportunities.


Let’s see how easy it is to setup and configure SteelBrick and start reinventing the CPQ processes productively to reduce the wait times and expedite the sales cycle.

Select and Configure: What products are being offered by your organisation? What are the add-ons that can be sold to the customer? What are the product features and constraints? This step lets you configure the following:

  • Dynamic Contract Terms and Templates
  • Quote Terms
  • Quote Templates


Propose and Contract: Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to send a Quote and/or a Contract to the client. We can save Quote terms and Contract terms in Salesforce which can be used to send the Quotations/Contract Documents quickly to the clients. This step helps in configuring:

  • Option Constraints
  • Options
  • Features
  • Product bundles
  • Products and Product Families


Price and Quote: More often than not, the pricing of the same product may differ based on the industry or size of a client’s organisation, previous sales experience, whether the Opportunity is existing or new, territories the organisations operate from. It becomes more efficient if all these scenarios are captured in the system to aid the sales users while they are on the job. This step lets you do the following:

  • Discounts
  • Discount Schedules
  • Specific Pricing Scenarios
  • Complex Discounting Scenarios


Order and Renew: If an existing client comes in for a renewal of Opportunity, it should not take long for us to generate Contracts as per the existing terms and conditions/revised conditions because we already have the Client’s information in the system. To achieve this, we have:

  • Contract Add-On Opportunities
  • Renewals


Analyse and Forecast: What use is data if we can’t report on it and cannot make an informed decision? With built-in reports and dashboards, sales reps and managers stay up-to-date with quotes that have been generated, as well as those that require follow-up and have expired. This helps in improving productivity while increasing close rates.

You might ask in the end what is the ROI of a CPQ solution like SteelBrick. These are a few:

  • Satisfied customers: when they receive appropriate product bundles and accurate pricing.
  • Quick Sales-ready, accurate, professional-looking, quotes and proposals.
  • The Operations/Approval Team, which earlier used to go through numerous proposals, now has less proposals to go through because of implemented automated checks.
  • The decision makers now have the liberty of inbuilt reports to see the Quote/Pricing/Contract related information quickly.


Let’s try and understand SteelBrick CPQ using two stories.

Scenario 1:
It’s Friday evening, everyone is packing their bags or booking tickets for their weekend escapades. Suddenly, you receive a call – it’s the call you have been waiting for the whole week! It’s a customer who is interested in your product and is asking for a quotation.

You already know for a fact that if you start building a manual quote, it won’t be ready before next week. So, what do you do? Don’t worry, here comes the CPQ solution – SteelBrick.

It will make your life easier in following ways:

  1. You will be able to create a Quote directly from the Opportunity.
  2. You will be prompted for the products/services based on the client’s information/status (this is referred to as ‘Guided Send’).
  3. You already have Quote templates in advance to be sent/used for later time.
  4. There can be multiple scenarios where different discounts are applicable for the same customer viz. the quantity of the product being considered, the location of the client, the existing/new customer being a few that you are now able to add quickly to the quote.
  5. Once you have generated a Quote, you can create a Quote PDF by a click of a button.
  6. You can easily attach the various terms and conditions to the service you are offering
  7. Now, you are ready to send the complete document (Quote + Terms and Conditions) to the client in an email.


How long do you think it took to do all of this? Not more than 10 minutes. Of course, if there are a lot of considerations while creating the quote such as the quote might go up the ladder for approval, and so on, but then again, it can be sent to the customer more swiftly when compared to the manual quoting process.

Scenario 2:
It’s the same Friday evening and everyone is packing their bags to leave.In the corner of the main hall of a fictitious company called ‘Positive Sales Pvt Ltd,’  there is a new joiner who has been in the training for the last four days and is awaiting his first call.

He gets lucky with his first call at 16H45, and the office closes at 17H00. Some questions he has:

  1. What’s the price for the product the call is for?
  2. What’s the specific price for this client?
  3. Are there any discounts available?
  4. Is this customer eligible for any discounts?
  5. What are the other products that can be offered as an upselling Opportunity?
  6. Who shall I send this quote to for necessary discounts and approvals?
  7. How can I generate a Quotation PDF which can be sent over to this client asap?


Fortunately, ‘Positive Sales Pvt Ltd’ is using Salesforce SteelBrick as their CPQ solution which will help the Sales rep send the required Quote in the required time, ultimately keeping their customer a satisfied customer.

If you’d like to know more or you need implementation expertise on Salesforce SteelBrick, please contact makepositive via the link here.

makepositive is a Salesforce Platinum Partner and a registered SteelBrick partner.

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