• 25.11.2020

    Supercharge your Customer Service Experience

    Join our webinar to learn more about our Service Cloud Accelerator and how it can:

    • Enhance Customer Experience:
    The Service Cloud Accelerator puts Sales, Finance and Service on a single platform providing one holistic view of the customer.

    • Drive best in class end to end:
    The Service Cloud Accelerator brings together the “best in class’’ capabilities across the suite.

    • Speed your time to value / Higher ROI: The Service Cloud Accelerator is delivered more efficiently, with up to 35% lower cost and up to 40% faster implementation.

    • Create Happier Employees:
    The Service Cloud Accelerator enables businesses to function smoothly and easily, allowing employees to collaborate so they are no longer stuck working in silos with frustrating data issues & multiple disjointed systems.

    Venue: Webinar

    Time: 11:00


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