It’s time to meet the features of Field Service Lightning!

Would you like to empower your mobile workforce to deliver smarter customer service conversations on any channel, at any time, from anywhere?

Field Service Lightning (FSL), is the nimble and dynamic field service solution built to best utilise today’s connected world. Harnessing signals from connected devices and customer data from Salesforce, Field Service Lightning is a dynamic approach to field service that is built for mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT). 

With FSL, companies can join customers, connected devices, agents, dispatchers, and employees in the field with one powerful service platform to deliver a seamless customer experience from phone to field.

Field Service Lightning enables you to make smarter decisions:

Businesses can use Field Service Analytics to give their managers and dispatchers clear, real-time visibility into KPIs and operations, while providing them with the scope to perform deep dives into all their data from multiple systems, so they are able to address customer complaints and prevent issues before they happen, all in one app.

Field Service Lightning will enable you to intelligently and strategically assign jobs and optimise work schedules:

With Field Service Lightning, businesses can instantly book service appointments through the Service Console or Customer Community. When they are utilising intelligent scheduling, jobs can be automatically assigned to the right resource based on a wide number of different metrics and requirements including but not limited to; resources, priorities, work types, time, skills, location and custom business rules. FSL can also help businesses ensure the right equipment and provisions are available for a job, while also enabling them to precisely track the movements of crews, their vehicle stocks, and their replenishment.

Field Service Lightning will enable you to quickly generate a work order from any case:

With FSL work orders are integrated with Accounts, Contacts, Assets, Cases, Entitlements, and other objects so businesses can pull in data from anywhere across Salesforce. This functionality allows businesses to generate and manage work orders for field service operations and instantly view Knowledge articles and track SLA compliance with milestones.

Field Service Lightning allows you to manage jobs from any mobile device:

With the Field Service Lightning mobile app, businesses are now able to bring the full power of on-site job management to their mobile workforces. This results in dramatically improved first-visit resolution as their mobile employees are now armed with this best-in-class mobile solution that can deliver job schedules, visibility into van stock and inventory, knowledge articles, and real-time collaboration using mobile connectivity. This app can be tailored to provide each unique business with precisely the right model.

If you would like to learn more about Field Service Lightning and makepositive please reach out to our Field Service Lightning Practice Lead, Tye Barnes at [email protected]

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