Dreamforce announcement – Process Builder to be deprecated in Winter ‘23

Here at makepositive, we’ve always been big fans of Flow. We’ve watched it grow from its introduction in the Winter ‘11 release as ‘Visual Process Manager’ (a simple call scripting tool), through a brief phase where Flows could be launched as a Workflow action to its current all-powerful variant. 

We’ve been especially excited by the most recent additions to Flow, allowing them to be triggered by record changes, scheduled to run in the future and even send outbound messages. The scale and quantity of these updates has long made it clear to many of us that Flow is the future, and the need for Process Builder is reducing with each release. However, Salesforce still surprised a lot of the ecosystem this week with their Dreamforce announcement that Process Builder will be deprecated in Winter ‘23. Rumours are that this means that existing Process Builders will still be editable but it will no longer be possible to create new ones. 

Whilst this may come as a shock to many, makepositive is well prepared for this change. Following the release and power of After Save Flows we made the decision some months ago to upskill our team so that we could move almost entirely to Flow long before the Winter ‘23 release. To enable this, we developed our own Flow best practice to define when Flow should be used, how it should be used and how to make sure that flows built by makepositive are clean and efficient. Alongside this, we have developed our own training materials to enhance the Trails provided by Salesforce, ensuring our team know not just how to build but also why they should perform each action. 

makepositive are well-positioned to help you with any automation needs, please get in touch to discuss further.   

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