Positive collaboration for leading travel company


FCm Travel Solutions is the flagship corporate travel business of the publicly listed and globally iconic travel group Flight Centre Travel Group. Today FCm Travel Solutions is a top 5 global travel management company managing the travel programs for some of the world’s leading corporate brands. The portfolio of clients includes a broad selection of multi-national, national, regional and local companies across every industry and specialisation.

The challenge

FCM has over 4,000 internal Salesforce users, and 425 Partner Licensee’s across more than 90 countries, who all need to collaborate with each other.

FCM wanted a solution to optimise its global account management processes between
its Global Partners and its internal Product Managers, Account Executives and Business Development Managers. If a partner was targeting a corporate client in one country, they needed a global view of all their historical interactions to:

  • Understand their specific needs
  • Determine the best ways of approaching them
  • Be able to respond effectively to RFPs
  • Uncover up-sell opportunities

The solution

Using makepositive’s Positive Collaboration solution, users in different orgs and communities can share & access historical conversations and data relating to accounts, products and business processes or updates in shared Chatter Groups and profile pages.

Our solution allows the segmentation of who can see what, what information should be accessible to FCm employees only, and what information can be shared with the partner network.

makepositive’s Positive Collaboration solution allows single sign-on between different orgs and communities with all feeds and groups in 1 place whether in chatter desktop or in browser.

The result

FCm saw an 18% increase in Partner adoption over 3 months since the deployment.

“I can now work more efficiently in the system by being able to collaborate with FCm Globally in Chatter groups and access all my opportunities, leads, contacts & accounts on the one login.”

HJ Choi, Account Manager, FCm Travel Solutions South Korea

“I can now easily access posts and files previously shared in Chatter groups that I belong to or were previously shared directly with me.”

Remco van Donk, General Manager, FCm Travel Solutions Netherlands

“I can now easily discuss RFP’s and multinational accounts in Global BDM and Account Management Chatter Groups with the RFP specialist team.”

Achille Sbrojavacca, General Manager, FCm Travel Solutions Italy

Salesforce provides FCm Travel Solutions with an effective, multi-channel platform to communicate with our global business, share ideas and collaborate on projects despite our disparate locations. makepositive’s ‘Positive Collaboration’ solution not only connects our entire global network but it allows all of our stakeholders to be a part of the ‘FCm conversation’ no matter where they are in the world and what time zone they are on. Positive Collaboration has ensured all of our global stakeholders have access to the Salesforce platform for sharing information and connecting with their work peers, which is important for global organisations that need to stay in touch and operate with consistency across different regions and cultures.