Winning with Partners


SES (formerly known as O3b) Networks is a global satellite services provider building a next-generation satellite network for telecommunications operators and Internet Service Providers, as well as enterprise customers and government departments and agencies, providing billions of consumers and businesses in nearly 180 countries with low cost, high speed Internet and mobile connectivity.

Here’s the story so far:

“We committed a strong team to the project right from the go”


O3b had progressed through the business set up stages to the point where much of the infrastructure was in place. Satellites were deployed, tested and fully functioning and the business was ready for take-off having invested several billion dollars in hardware. Back office systems were in place, intended to enable the pioneering organisation to market their services to a marketplace that had never previously existed.

Problem definition

Having identified the need to invest in a CRM system capable of scaling up as the business grew, O3b chose Salesforce but soon realised that they required some additional help to make the platform deliver their unique requirements.

Specific challenges included:


• Engineering – inadequate processes / no visibility / unable to provide a good customer service

• Finance – needed to streamline all financial systems centrally with remote access to multiple users

• Sales unable to sell efficiently – too much time being spent on admin, paperwork, excel spreadsheets and creating contracts

• Customers – not receiving perceived value for money

Why were makepositive chosen?

“We committed a strong team to the project right from the go. We listened intently to what O3b said they needed and were allowed to challenge certain perceptions based on our expertise in this field and that led to us building ‘proof of concept’ models to evidence our approach. We had a technical architect in the team who enabled all parties to visualise the full end-to-end solution and we put a project plan together that delivered impactful KPI’s on a progressive basis”, Devinder Chauhan Account Director, makepositive.

“We were able to significantly reduce the discovery phase of the project through both parties committing to a genuine ‘partnership’ approach.”

“makepositive were helping us to find better ways to modify our business”

Value statement

The business has grown at over 100% year on year and is expected to continue to grow at this rate. “We knew what we wanted to do, we just did not know how to do it. That’s where makepositive came in,” says Bernard Jupe who describes himself as ‘not an expert in technology, but in business transformation’.

Due to the pioneering nature of the company and the complexity of their business model, O3b required a flexible approach that allowed ongoing amendments without the risk of future conflicts. New revenue streams were being added all the time and adjustments to the billing system and other administrative tasks were in constant need of alignment with the needs of the growing business, the global expansion of the company and the emerging opportunities. “makepositive were constantly helping us to find better ways to modify our business.”

Looking ahead

O3b has transformed from a technical company focused on satellites and engineering into one which is customer focused. It is continuing to invest in its relationship with makepositive and is currently integrating Pardot into its email system. Opportunities are now developing for the company to mine the data it has collated over the years and new insights are constantly been gained from the interrogation of the information extracted from the system. It is anticipated that additional ways to monetise the data will be developed in the near future.