Implementing Field Service Lightning to expand mobile eyecare offering



Since 1994, Visioncall has been a leading eye care provider to the UK care home sector, delivering home sight tests to those unable to visit a high street optician. Operating across the UK, Visioncall provides qualified mobile opticians to help people to see better and live better.

The challenge

Research by the Royal National Institute of Blind People indicates that more than half of elderly people living in UK care homes have compromised vision. In order to help people within that community who have difficulty accessing eye care, Visioncall offers mobile optometry services that connect opticians with care-home and special‑needs communities in their local areas.

“At the moment, our primary partners are the National Health Service [NHS] in England and Scotland, who contract us to carry out eye tests and dispense glasses in the community,” explains Brian McGuire, Visioncall’s Director. “As our business grew, we saw an opportunity to extend our services to reach even more people. For example, the population in the UK living with dementia at home is around three times higher than the number of people living in residential facilities. By reaching these and other vulnerable groups across the country in their homes, we can expand our business significantly.”

In the past, Visioncall relied heavily on manual, paper-based processes to drive its business. Using a legacy customer relationship management (CRM) system, the company scheduled clinics at residential care homes, during which optometrists provided eyecare assessments and recorded the results on paper record cards. They were then required to travel to their local Visioncall centre to hand in the cards, at which point the orders were keyed into the CRM system and then forwarded to the company’s manufacturing site for processing.

“makepositive demonstrated the experience and insight we needed”

The solution

After using Salesforce solutions to support its sales teams for several years, Visioncall recognised that the newly launched capabilities of Field Service Lightning—Salesforce’s intelligent field service solution—could help transform its approach to serving the community.

“What really impressed us about Field Service Lightning is that it delivered all of the capabilities we needed to support our mobile teams without the need for add-ons and extensive customisation,” explains Jennifer Wilson, Visioncall’s Business Project Manager and Product Owner for Clinic and Venue Scheduling.

“After we saw a demonstration of the solution from Salesforce, we knew it was the right choice for our business transformation journey.”

As a next step, Visioncall engaged an expert team from makepositive to help map out the digital workflow and configure Field Service Lightning to support the new processes.

“Even though Field Service Lightning was a relatively new offering when we began our project, makepositive demonstrated the experience and insight we needed to make our deployment a success,” recalls Jennifer Wilson.

Working with Visioncall, makepositive helped to design a mobile-driven user journey that seamlessly connects teams in the field with back‑office and manufacturing teams.

“Digital scheduling was a key requirement for us, and the Field Service Lightning solution delivered by makepositive has helped make our vision a reality,” adds Brian McGuire. “Our optometrists and dispensers typically work in pairs, and the new Salesforce solution makes it easy to use whatever mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity is available to synchronise data in real time between both of their devices.”


“our digital transformation has opened up several million pounds of new opportunities”

The benefits

Today, Visioncall is using Field Service Lightning to support its manufacturing and business development teams, as well as its head office. Within the next six months, the company plans to roll out the solution to all ten of its locations across the UK.

“We are confident that our Field Service Lightning solution from makepositive is going to lift our efficiency to new heights,” says Brian McGuire. “Most importantly, the digital workflow will empower our teams in the field to spend less time on administration and more time working with people in the community.”

By unlocking the efficiencies of mobile working, Visioncall is free to pursue new opportunities in the marketplace, including expanding its services to special schools and people receiving domiciliary care.

“Without a doubt, our Field Service Lightning solution will make it far easier to grow our business—and our digital transformation has opened up several million pounds of new opportunities,” concludes Brian McGuire. “Salesforce helped us at the start of our journey, but getting where we are today wouldn’t have been possible without an expert partner like makepositive who knows the platform inside and out. By continuing our close collaboration with makepositive, we’re in a strong position to unlock the true business-growth potential of Field Service Lightning.”

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