Developing a Managed Services package to support sales agents

Rant & Rave


Rant & Rave provides customer engagement solutions with a difference.

Created with the belief that fundamentally brands and consumers want the same thing – to deliver and receive great service – half of the FTSE rely on the Rant & Rave platform to proactively communicate with and gather fast feedback from their customers.

By reducing customer effort and taking real-time inspired action, brands are able to transform Ranters into Ravers and happy customers into engaged Ravers – lifelong advocates.

The challenge

Rant & Rave provide a market leading customer experience & engagement solution. The company has had great success enabling brands to be proactive about communications and feedback to capture customer emotion & improve the delivered experience. This success is delivered as a stand-alone platform to customers across many industries including Utilities, Financial Services and Retail and, over the past 3 years, has been delivered to clients who operate Salesforce CRM. By including the customer feedback alongside the full customer view in a live Salesforce environment, the Agents who interact with customers can use previous customer feedback to improve their own performance as well as modifying their approach when they next engage with the client.

To support its customers and enhance the solution, Rant & Rave looked to the Salesforce eco system to find a partner with the right level of technical and delivery expertise.

The solution

Working with makepositive, Rant & Rave have found a partner with the depth of expertise to support any client issues which arise as they adopt the Rant & Rave for Salesforce solution. Together, makepositive and Rant & Rave developed a managed package that ensures there is support for the most simple support query through to the technical support required for complex implementations and to provide third line support to their clients.

Rant & Rave have partnered with makepositive to deliver this updated managed package as a series of projects and continue to be supported by the makepositive Managed Services team.

The results

The Rant & Rave package is well integrated into Salesforce and clients now have a live view of their customers feedback in the context of a service case or sales opportunity.

This creates real added value to the agents in the team to deliver better service to the customer (as they have information to hand regarding that customer’s historical interactions and feedback). Sentiment based rooting enables customers to speak to the same Agent they previously gave great feedback for.