Consolidating CRM solutions to improve customer insights

Personal Group


Personal Group is a leading provider of employee services including people centric insurance products and employee benefits. Personal Group has three brands: Personal Group, Innecto Reward Consulting and Let’s Connect.

“Our relationship with makepositive has been key”

The challenge

Salesforce was being used by both Personal Group and Innecto (two of the three brands under the Personal Group umbrella), though the orgs were separate. Let’s Connect (the third brand) was using Microsoft Dynamics.

Due to the disparate systems and fragmented data, some of the challenges faced by each brand included a lack of visibility of sales activities, pipeline management and accurate forecasting. It was impossible to gain a holistic overview of the group as a whole or gain insights into potential upsell and cross sell opportunities between the separate business units. As such, adoption and engagement with the existing Salesforce instances were low, compounding issues related to data quality and preventing much value being derived from the systems.

“makepositive's knowledge is first class”

The solution

Personal Group engaged makepositive as their Salesforce partner in March 2021. makepositive’s solution incorporated a strategic implementation of Sales Cloud, streamlining three business processes onto a single Salesforce instance, while simultaneously migrating all customer data into one org. A new automated process was brought in to facilitate insights into customers product portfolios, while a framework was implemented to enable visibility of customers competitor products. In addition to this, DocuSign Gen was installed and configured to enable generation and signing of contracts all on one platform in a bid to minimise offline activities.

The benefits

Salesforce can now be used to help drive the right behaviour and accountability amongst the sales teams (new business, account management and location management), whilst giving each business the ability to see activity history across all of their customers, providing Personal Group with a mechanism to take advantage of cross sell and upsell opportunities. The primary mechanism that was implemented to achieve this was Gap Analysis/Whitespace reporting. Enhancements to the data model, which surfaced formerly non-existent Asset data in the system, provided the opportunity for this analysis to be performed by introducing the ability to track competitors Assets against customers accounts as well as better understanding customer’s existing portfolio with Personal Group. This enabled the Account Management team to understand which customers they should be talking to, about which products, and when. The migration of all business units onto one platform has enabled quicker insights into sales activities and will allow Personal Group to make more informed and smarter business decisions.

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