Building standardised workflows for a centralised Salesforce solution

Crabtree & Evelyn


Crabtree & Evelyn is a leading global bodycare, skincare and fragrance brand. The company operates in Europe, the Americas and Asia‑Pacific, creating adventurous, high-quality products for a growing customer base.

The challenge

In February 2017, Crabtree & Evelyn initiated a corporate rebranding exercise, which also represented a golden opportunity to become a more customer-centric business. At that time, critical data assets such as customer records, transactions, product lists and related analysis were managed in different places around the world, by different teams, using different processes.

As a result, the look and feel of the company’s customer communications varied significantly across its major markets in Central and North America, Europe and Asia.

The lack of a company-wide sales and marketing tool made it difficult to standardise on a single, consistent set of processes and standards for customer communication.

As Crabtree & Evelyn sought to grow its global business, it wanted to improve the quality and consistency of communications across all touchpoints and gain a single view of customers— without restricting individual countries from tailoring their approach to suit their local markets. The company also aimed to increase automation in sales and marketing so that employees could spend less time on administration and more time on customer-facing activities. Finally, Crabtree & Evelyn wanted to introduce a global loyalty scheme to reward its most valued customers.

The makepositive solution

Crabtree & Evelyn decided to adopt solutions from Salesforce, and chose makepositive as its implementation partner. makepositive ran a series of workshops to understand the existing processes and approaches, then worked with Crabtree & Evelyn to map out a set of consistent workflows that would help to unite the business across regions.

makepositive deployed multiple Salesforce platforms at Crabtree & Evelyn, including Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, and consolidated disparate sets of data on customers, products and transactions. The creation of the new sales and marketing platform involved 19 points of integration with external sources, including analytics tools, recommendation engines and content management systems. makepositive was also responsible for building ten country-specific Crabtree & Evelyn websites in eight different languages.

The benefits

With all customer data now managed centrally and in a consistent way, Crabtree & Evelyn can better understand customer behaviour within and across countries and regions. In practical terms, the effort required to maintain these data assets is significantly lower, but more important to the business, the quality of data is now higher. Local and global teams at Crabtree & Evelyn now have a more accurate view of customers and their transactions, and can perform analytics on trusted data to help decision-making.

By embedding standardised workflows and marketing strategies in a single, central tool, Crabtree & Evelyn can now communicate consistently with its customers wherever they are. As the business continues to grow, standardisation will help it scale its marketing operations to meet larger global needs.

Crabtree & Evelyn can also now better monitor and reward customer loyalty, and can identify and communicate with prospects in a more targeted and consistent way.

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