Positive Strategy

Our Blueprinting™ Services will help you align your organisation’s objectives with the right technology solution.

The end result is a clear vision and roadmap of how your goals and technology architecture will be achieved by your Salesforce implementation.


What you get:

Quick Wins

We will identify some low effort, high impact Salesforce implementation changes you could think about to ensure things get moving in the right direction.

Gap analysis

We will capture what the roadblocks are, as well as the gap between the goals and the current infrastructure or Salesforce implementation.

Time Frames

We will provide guidance on when each phase should be planned for the business and why. We will take into consideration the business change requirements not just the technical delivery.

Architectural Map

We will look at the plan for the immediate future, short term and long term as follows:

1.Short term: We will identify quick wins or work on initial implementation to get started. At this stage we would look to improve existing Salesforce usage and enhance adoption

2.Medium term: We will attempt to automate or integrate in order to increase efficiencies within the business

3.Long term: We will proactively continue to deliver ensuring the business objectives are at the heart of every improvement.


1.Identifies risks and issues up front so they can be planned for

2.Document integration requirements so parties can work in parallel

3.Reduces project contingency

4.Enables prototype solutions to be proven at limited risk

5.To create an initial project backlog for roadmap guidance