A personal view of the ever-increasing role of AI in today’s society by Suraj Gupta

Inside Salesforce Einstein

One of the hottest topics my family and friends are currently talking about is Artificial Intelligence and the biggest issue we are most talking about is:  “Will AI ever replace humans?”

If the answer is “yes” then one day we all will be redundant!

If we think about AI, some of the key characteristics that come to mind are human-like perception, thinking and relating that thinking to action. Salesforce Einstein is much different from general AI. Einstein is the one of the intelligent capabilities built into the Salesforce platform and it is focused on delivering smarter CRM.

Salesforce Einstein is designed to discover insights, predict outcomes, recommend actions and automate tasks. This makes our work more and more smarter in much less time.

“Will Salesforce Einstein assist humans rather than replace them?”

Salesforce is highly focused upon things that people value rather than capturing everything into a database. Similarly Einstein also helps people to focus on the things which matters, it’s not about replacing them. The idea behind this is to capture more insights, predict outcomes, recommend next-best action and automate routine and manual tasks that will keep people more productive, not less.

Now, with the recent feature of Salesforce Einstein as Predictive Lead Scoring helps salespeople to focus on more promising leads. Automated Activity Capture will automatically log sales calls.

AI is a combination of four core capabilities: Data, Computing Capacity, Data Science and Time



Salesforce is focusing on the automation for each Einstein customer. After spending more than two years of intense research they came up with an automated, machine-learning-based data-analysis pipeline to deliver predictions and recommendations at scale. This internally developed  data-management and the predictive engine is powering Community, IoT, Marketing, Sales and Service Cloud Einstein features.

Above in the image you can see how Salesforce Einstein API can help you to build smarter solutions.

Einstein capabilities are designed to complement and enhance existing Salesforce SaaS applications in that they are or will be built into the Analytics, App, Commerce, Community, IoT, Marketing, Sales and Service clouds.

The first Salesforce App Cloud Einstein Service was Einstein Predictive Vision Service, this is based on the technology from the MetaMind acquisition. Now they have come up with a few more such as Predictive Sentiment Service and Predictive Intent Service which can help customers to automate Service Cloud. Here you can see features that have been introduced and many more will come in future.  

See the roadmap:

Cloud Einstein Feature Origin Availability
Analytics Cloud Automated Analytics & Storytelling BeyondCore GA
Continuous User Feedback BeyondCore February 2017
Personalized Story Sharing BeyondCore 2017
Predictive Wave Apps Internal development 2017
Smart Data Discovery BeyondCore GA
Smart Data Prep BeyondCore February 2017
Smart News feed For CRM BeyondCore 2017
App Cloud Heroku + Prediction IO PredictionIO 2017
Predictive Sentiment Service MetaMind 2017
Predictive Vision Service MetaMind February 2017
Commerce Cloud Commerce Insights Demandware February 2017
Predictive Email Demandware GA
Predictive Sort Demandware 2017
Product Recommendations Demandware GA
Product Recommendations (Store) Demandware GA
Community Cloud Article Insights Internal development GA
Automatic Topic Creation Internal development GA
Community Sentiment Internal development GA
Company Highlights Internal development 2017
Einstein Answers Internal development February 2017
Questions and Article Answers Internal development 2017
Recommended Experts, Files & Groups Internal development 2017
Recommended Group Members Internal development GA
Session Tracking for Answers Internal development 2017
Topic Insights Internal development GA
Trending User and Group Scores Internal development 2017
Unanswered Questions Internal development February 2017
IoT Cloud Automated IoT Rules Optimization Internal development 2017
Predictive Device Scoring Internal development 2017
Recommended Best Next Action Internal development 2017
Marketing Cloud Predictive Content & Product Recommend Internal development GA
Predictive Scoring & Audiences Internal development 2017
Automated Send-Time Optimization Internal development 2017
Image Insights in Social Studio MetaMind 2017
Sales Cloud Account Health Internal development  2017
Account Insights Internal development February 2017
Automated Activity Capture Internal/RelateIQ February 2017
Opportunity Insights Internal/Implicit February 2017
Predictive Forecasting Internal development 2017
Predictive Lead Scoring Internal development February 2017
Recommended Connections Internal development 2017
Service Cloud Automated Case Classification Internal development 2017
Chatbots Internal development 2017
Recommended Macros Internal development 2017
Trending Issues Internal development 2017


Suraj Gupta is a Technical Consultant at makepositive and is based in our India office.

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