12 top wins for Sales Cloud in the Salesforce Winter ‘17 Release by Abhilasha Dhamija

Here we are again with the newest Salesforce release, which as we expected, offers some impressive new features and improvements, especially for Sales Cloud. I’ll be taking a closer look at the key highlights in this latest update.

Lightning Navigation Menu

Salesforce has come up with an improved navigation model in Lightning Experience. The App Switching feature is now available in Lightning itself. Users will now be able to navigate more efficiently and also easily switch between apps.

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In the improved navigation model, the existing vertical navigation menu on the left side of Lightning Experience will become a horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page (see screenshot above). Users will be able to navigate to any items in the navigation bar just like before, but now they’ll also be able to access other apps, including Lightning apps that users can brand and customize to help them work more efficiently.

Accounts Update

In the Lightning Experience, the Accounts page gets a load of new features plus a re-design.

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Insights are now referred to as News. The News feature – if turned on – is now front and center on the Account screen and can contain profiles on top executives at the Account, including any news about them.

The new Logo and Autofill features that were available as a beta in Summer 16 are now generally available.

Contact to Multiple Accounts Updates 

After the introduction of this feature in the Summer ’16 release, salesforce has made some further improvements. Person Accounts can now be related to Business Accounts. In instances where a user has both Person and Business Accounts in play, this update will be especially helpful.

Next, users can now add validation rules to the relationships between the Account and Contact. In addition, the Contact to multiple Account relationships can now be viewed, edited and created from within the Lightning Communities.

Finally, the relationship object now supports triggers so users can automate some of the updates or inserts.

Bulk Actions in Lead List Views 

Winter ‘17 gives the ability to apply two different bulk actions to Lead List views.

First is the ability to bulk-add Leads to a Campaign. Users can select Leads from the view and then easily add them in bulk to a Campaign with the “Add to Campaign” button.

Salesforce release

Second is the ability to claim Leads from a Queue. This looks like it only works in list views that are limited to a Queue, but from those views a user can select multiple Leads and select the “Accept” button. Those Leads will then be assigned to that user.

News Updates 

Other than Insights being renamed to News, it’s now also available on Contacts and Leads. Users can now share News items through Chatter. This feature is only available in Lightning Experience.

Email Updates 

With the new Enhanced Email introduced in Lightning, there are a few new updates. The most important from a Service Cloud perspective is that the users now have the ability to Forward emails from Salesforce directly. In past releases, you could only Reply or Reply All.

Salesforce release

In addition to the above, which is also only available with Lightning Experience, the API/Apex email limit has been raised to 5,000 per day, instead of the previous limit of 1,000.

Lightning Flows

Lightning now supports Flow as part of this release. The UI has been updated to make the Flow fit the Lightning Experience. However, this is only available in a beta version for now, but users can embed these Flows right into any Lightning page. In addition, users can also display Flow in a two-column format if they like.

Salesforce release

Clearer Messaging in LEX 

There are two small improvements to messaging for users within LEX. Firstly, when creating, editing, deleting or cloning a record, there is now clear messaging to state that these actions were successful. Previously, this was difficult to determine. Refer to the screenshot below for an example.

Secondly, there are some improvements to the error messages when using inline editing, making it much clearer what the issue is. These are small but welcome changes.

Texting in Salesforce1

This seems to be a natural update and definitely a big one for mobile users, who now have the ability to send a text as an action, right within the Salesforce1 app.

Google Calendar Integration 

Although in beta, for now, users get the ability to sync Google Calendar with Salesforce automatically.

Skype for Salesforce 

Another beta feature, however, Salesforce now offers Skype integration for Business and LEX. With Skype for Salesforce, users can keep track of their Contact’s Skype address, allowing them to see their Contact’s Skype presence and even launch a Chat, Video or Audio Call – all directly from within Salesforce. This functionality will only work if users have Skype for Business.

Lightning Experience Quick Updates

Last, but not least, is a list of quick updates in Lightning Experience:

Quotes: Another big Sales Cloud feature that was missing, however, Quotes is now supported.

Save & Next: The Save & Next buttons are now in LEX to allow users to create an additional record more easily once they have created their first.

List View Inline Editing: LEX now has Inline Editing for list views too. This is a beta feature.

Remembering Section Preferences: When users expand or collapse a section in LEX, it can now remember how they last left it (like Classic, for example), so the next time the user views a record, the layout will be presented exactly as they last left it.

Field Level Help: LEX can now display the help bubbles for a field.

Lead Merge: Lead Mergers, with the side-by-side comparison of fields, now works in LEX.

Report Changes: Reports in LEX now support Filtering by Hierarchies, as well as the Smart Filters for dates, such as ‘Next Month’, ‘This Year’, ‘This Week’ and so on.

To learn more about the latest Salesforce release and how you can benefit from these new features, or if you’re interested in learning how Salesforce Sales Cloud can improve your business, get in touch with us here.

Abhilasha Dhamija is the makepositive Service Manager in Managed Services now based in London, UK, previously working for makepositive in Gurgaon, India and a regular blogger. Click here to see Abhilasha’s blog.

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