Why is engagement important?

  October 7, 2014       Mark Richards

We’re super busy working on helping our customers engage better but we thought we’d take a step back to explain our thinking and approach. Here’s the first blog of a series by our CEO Mark Richards…

The rich tapestry that is human history possesses a common thread – our desire to belong. In the fight for survival, we formed tribes around common interests. Strange then, that this facet of the human condition sits alongside another, perhaps contradictory one. As Jon Stewart said on the Daily Show talking about a robot that has the ability to recognise itself in the mirror, “when the robot learns to hate what is sees, it will have achieved full humanity”. The fear that we carry with ourselves (it’s not your fault by the way, it’s a part of your brain that hasn’t developed since the very early days) would appear to hold us back from achieving a greater level of trust and understanding with those around us. It is no surprise though, that this is the case given the evidence of how poorly we are treated by those who ask us to trust them – either with our time, money or emotions.

Given the prolific reach of every individual in todays world, it’s astonishing that organisations still act in a way that is almost guaranteed to generate negative feelings towards them. Yet, it’s hard to imagine that anyone consciously wants to behave like this. Do we really think that the poor soul on the other end of the phone really wants to try and sell you the insurance that you don’t really need? Or that they aren’t as frustrated as you are when they are unable to help solve your problem? Of course not – we all long for the feeling we get when we are able to help others.

Perhaps the problem is that now we are moving away from mass market industrialised products to individual, digitised products and services, our approach needs to change.

What if we put every single customer at the heart of our business? What if all of our processes were built around engaging thoughtfully, emotionally and intelligently with all of our customers individually?

Is this too hard? Technology wise – far from it. The hard part is building the momentum within the hearts and minds of the organisation that this is rapidly becoming the only route to sustained success. Not only are the number of organisations that are taking this approach increasing rapidly (leaving little choice but to adopt this approach), but we as consumers are rightly demanding it. Money is increasingly hard to come by for a growing number of people, and spending it with organisations who appear to not give a toss looks less attractive all the time.

What if we could turn every consumer experience into a delight rather than a chore? Something that is longed for rather than dreaded?

A nice thought, no? If you are at Dreamforce and fancy a chat about our engagement solutions then get in touch with us today and I’ll arrange a time.