Webinar: Identify, Measure, Grow: Becoming a leading supply chain partner

The future of the Logistics / Supply Chain industry will be dominated by those who continue to adapt and innovate.

Is your supply chain business currently facing challenges such as managing customer interactions, missed revenue opportunities and increased fines and claims?

Watch this webinar recording to look at how to turn these challenges into opportunities and become the leader in innovation and customer service within the Logistics / Supply Chain industry. makepositive demonstrate how to put your customers first, innovate through technology and adapt to change, in order to differentiate and succeed.

This webinar demonstrates how your business can:

  • Win more contracts by identifying your target accounts.
  • Grow revenue in existing accounts by understanding how your supply planning ties in with your account management strategy.
  • Avoid fines and claims by ensuring you produce a first class customer service by responding in a timely manner and with clear and accurate visibility across the business.
  • Identify the costs to serve customers and who the most valuable customers are.
  • Measure performance and engage employees by acknowledging good customer service.